Blood Type A Triathletes & Athletes

Blood A Type Triathletes & Athletes 

During mans existence on the earth their was a reduced supply of hunting game food. Humans moved north from the dwindling stocks of Africa.
Communities established rather than hunter gatherer began to grow and become farmers.
Over time this is when blood type A developed to cope with carbohydrates instead of meat as a main part of the diet.

"A" Blood Type differences.
People with A type blood produce low levels of hydrochloric acid in the stomach but have high amounts of disaccharide digestive enzymes in the intestine with speeds up the digestion of carbohydrates. Many A type people have low levels of alkaline phosphatise in the intestine making it difficult to absorb animal fat & protein.
A types should chew food because recued amounts of stomach acid reduces the efficiency of digestion

"A" blood type person
A types often prefer a safe relaxed happy environment  in a friendly community with routine, so living at a fast pace in a city living alone not even knowing the neighbours can cause a build up of stress which results eventually with healthy problems. Not being able to pin point the reasons for being unhappy moving from a town to a city can be partly due to blood type A.
Everyday lifestyle stress
One of the reasons we sometimes cope better with stress can be because of our choice of foods we have recently eaten.
Cortisol is released when we are stressed which can make the situation even more stressful.
Cortisol can disrupt sleep patterns cause forgetfulness (daytime brain fog) muscle loss and fat gain for those that can’t train to work pressures or injury.
In severe cases cortical can cause obsessive compulsive disorder insulin that is released abnormally which can lead to diabetes.
Type A athletes may over train much easier due to increased levels of cortical that type A people cannot tolerate as well as other types.

Athletes & Triathletes with blood type "A"
Changing your diet can decrease the risk of diabetes cancers & cardiovascular disease for each blood type group.
Blood type A foods improve mental sharpness give you improved daily energy and increase life expectancy.
This type of athlete is better suited to daily easy exercise.

Type A’s should eat when possible fresh, organic, pure and natural foods. Many people can benefit from a vegetarian diet.
Focus on including grains & vegetables and consider soy proteins.
Especially those with a weak immune system.
Changing your diet can help with weight loss and give you more vitality.

Blood type "A" tips.
Avoid simple white sugar and starch foods. Drain of pasta to remove the starch.
Never miss a meal, it is better to snack during the day than have nothing.
Avoid eating when anxious.
Reduce the amount of alcohol & caffeine
Stop smoking and avoid passive smoking.
Turn negative emotions to positive happy thought.
Stay away from large crowds of people, trains buses and airports.
Keep nose pollution at night to a minimum to get quality sleep.
Have a bedtime “Get to bed at the same time every day.
8 hours a day sleep, not less, you simply can’t catch up at the weekend.
Avoid looking at flashing lights, (disco fast moving adventure films especially at night) because you are more receptive a as a blood type A. 
Don’t wear or walk thru areas that have strong smelling perfumes.
Finally avoid sudden temperature conditions, from cold to hot. You need a stable temperature 365 days a year.

Personality "A" type
• I have not noticed a correlation between blood type and personality similarities.

From my experience training racing and working with athletes & triathletes.

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