Blood Ab Type Triathletes Or Athletes

AB Blood type triathletes or athletes 

AB blood types is the latest blood type. A new blood type due to more people travelling the world and having children with multi national parents.
Due to this being a new blood type to the human race the person can either be more like A blood or more like B or a combination of both a & B blood.
Experiment to see if you are better form eating meats or carbohydrates during your training.
For tow weeks “Eat little and often” and then for 2 weeks “Eat larger amounts and no snacks”

I have not worked with enough AB blood types to yet to form an opinion. I have noticed a pattern with this blood group but I am not willing to jump to conclusions.

Sorry but I have now removed the food list for blood group "AB" that I suggest you avoid or have for your blood type.

My blood group food list took years from trial & error, it has now been removed due to a minority who have cut & paste this information and have been using it for commercial and financial reward.

I suggest you keep a food diary and moniotr how you feel we are all different and the problem is if your partner is a differnt blood group A, B or AB then preparing meals can be a challlenge.

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