A To Z Of The London Olympic Games Quiz

A to Z of London 2012 Games

Are you an armchair athlete or an athlete?

The winner of the womens Olympic 5,000m track race will take less than 15 minutes, this is all you have to answer this easy quiz. Take longer and you fail to qualify for the final.

The 2nd clue is the answer starts with the first letter of the alphabet
26 questions form A to Z
(For example if the question for A was uses a bow and arrow the answer would be Archery) unfortunately not all questions will be that easy.
Think normally and you will not be able to work out the answer.
A – An athlete that is not a professional is considered to be? first letter of this word starts with the letter A
B – Only the serving player or side can score
You can adjust the accuracy by plucking some feathers
C – Gap bridge & break refer to which sport.
D – 10 events over 2 days, name the sport
E – Words typically used in this sport include walk stride & fault
F – The only event of the modern pentathlon which is against another one other competitor.
G – The word beginning with G used in gymnastics to describe a swing of 360 degrees when the body is swinging around the bar, the same word opposite to tiny
H- Ancient Olympic mythology reported that the Games were to found by this strong man.
I – Four competitive strokes in swimming
J – The Japanese word for this sport translates to the “Soft Way”
K – Eskimos used whole fat on sea lion skins for safer transportation.
L – City where the 2012 Games are being held
M - Big air and snake bite relates to which Olympic sport
N – The term used when a competitor takes less time to complete the second half than the first half, opposite to positive.
O – In shooting a term used to describe the position of standing while shooting
P – In the 1972 Summer Olympics Mary with a male surname won gold at the Pentathlon.
Q- Great Britain head of state
R – In this sport you do not completely see it until you have crossed the finish line
S – Words relating to this sport include challenge, offhand & ten-ring
T – When dropped from 100 feet it should bounce 55 feet (16.7 meters)
U – London’s tube train also known as the
V – Words associated with this sport include dink rainbow & tweener.
W – In this event lifting can result in disqualification.
X – Roman numeral for ten  also 24th letter of the English Alphabet
Y – Words associated to this sport include Genoa, Heeling, Mark & Reach.
Z –is the first letter of this 1952 this famous Olympic runner surname who wins the triple gold in the 5,000m 10,000m and marathon

A - Amateur
B = Badminton
C = Cycling
D = Decathlon
E = Equestrian
F = Fencing
G - Giant
H = Hercules
I = Individual medley
J = Judo
K = Kayak
L = London

M = Mountain bike
N= Negative split
O = Offhand
P – Mary Peters
Q = Queen
R = Rowing
S = Shooting
T = Tennis
U = Underground
V = Volleyball
W - Walking
X = X
Y – Yachting
Z –Emil Zatopek (Czech)

One point per question total points 26

Gold medal performance more than 20 points

Silver more than 15 points

Less than 15 Bronze medal performance

Less than 5 did not start (DNS) or get going