Why Choose Me For Coaching

Why choose IronMate Coaching?

• Confused what to do, when, how hard, how easy? IronMate Coaching will help you with your own realistic daily, weekly, monthly training plan

• Time efficient training –avoid wasting time completing the wrong sessions for your goal.

• If your current lifestyle is stopping you train as much as you would like, then IronMate Mark has the experience to plan what you need to do with your time available.

• Most athletes do not make adjustments for the changes and commitments required to meet the challenging goals that they set themselves.

• Ironmate “What If” sessions - alternative training sessions to keep you on track when life gets in the way

• Ironmate testing sessions within your Coaching programme, ensuring you progress and perform on race day

IronMate “golden nuggets” for Coached athletes only – information not available on Ironmate’s leading web site

• Specific training to prepare you for race day
• A tried and tested taper to get you to the start line in the best possible shape
• Individual advice to guide you about race day nutrition
• How to tackle pacing, gearing, equipment and the competition for your chosen event
• Nutrition advice that keep you energy levels high and that work for you
• Mistakes to avoid

Feed back is KEY

Coaching only ever works effectively with honest feedback from YOU.

Ironmate Mark is one of the very best at analyzing why you are feeling a particular way

Fitness and improvement comes from your body absorbing the training and then adapting.

Your detailed feedback on how you are reacting and on your results enables adjustment of your programme.

You will be required to complete a confidential questionnaire that provides me with your current & historical fitness levels, your experiences in sports, whether any injuries have curtailed your aims & your goals.

Your information will never be shared with any other 3rd party

Coaching Programme for all abilities, experience, aims and ambitions

Novice Coaching Programme
• To get you to finish the distance in good shape with a smile!

A very common mistake made by those that are inexperienced or new to the sport is piling up their workouts with little analysis or reflection; training sessions must be progressive and in the correct order

Competitive Coaching Programme for Age Group Athletes
• Do you want to feel what racing is; racing yourself & others?
Want to be the best you can in your age group category, become competitive.
Move up to the next level with the correct sessions; develop your fitness to a level where you are actually racing not just competing.

Mark’s immense experience of racing will help you avoid mistakes and fulfill your potential. You will love the tactics!

Professional /Elite Coaching Programme
• Professional athlete coaching – a full coaching programme with the “Ironmate Golden Nuggets” that provide that extra 1% - the difference between winning & losing.

Single Sport Specialist Coaching Programme
• Do you have the experience of one of Triathlon’s single disciplines swim, bike, run?

Triathlon is one sport - you will need the advice and knowledge on how to integrate your specialist discipline with the others so you develop without injury and burnout.

Intermediate Athlete Coaching Programme

Do you have good fitness for a few competitive seasons but are now achieving the same times, same results, and the same place on the result sheet?

You have reached that infamous but so very frustrating place called The Plateau.

IronMate Coaching will get you out of this place and you will be re-energized!

All of the above are available as Gold /Silver/ Bronze Coaching Programmes   Or

12-52 week training programme prepared just for you
Purchase your own individual training programme; includes 2 telephone/Skype conversations at the outset & 4 weeks before your main event.

Daily workouts based on your ability to prevent injury & illness including any minor races in your build up to your most important competition.

For Triathlon- Swimming –Cycling- Running with IMPROVEMENT - Contact Mark
I only dedicate my time to a limited number of athletes, so if you are planning ahead make sure you book me in advance to avoid disappointment
Mark wants you to achieve your goals and it is his mission to take you to that level. It is one of the main reasons that he limits his coaching to all but the most committed athletes.
Please contact Mark to discuss your individual requirements and your tailor made coaching.