Which Ironman Iron Distance Should I Choose

Which Ironman do should I choose?

Choose an event you can prepare for?

If you cannot cope with the cold or do not like cycling on wet cold slippery roads for an early season Ironman then enter an iron distance triathlon so you can start training train in the spring for a late summer Autumn Iron Distance Triathlon.

Choose an event you can train on to become familiar with the course.
Multiple lap events are great because you only need to cycle one lap if it is a 3 lap course to get use to the route. It will not take up all day travelling to check out the course.
In the future you can then build up to 2 laps.
Down loading the route on a Garmin will save you a lot of time or go with someone who knows the course.

If the run is off road check it out on your mountain bike before race day, and establish what type of foot wear you need.
I strongly recommend you run some of the route several times during the months leading up to your competition to see if the rain drains way.

Training on the course will help you learn which gears you need to ride up hills easy remember on race day you would have swam and will have a marathon to complete afterwards.
Improve your bike handling skills on the descents & corners, not forgetting that during the competition you may be going quicker than in training and fatigue can cause you to slow down.

Don’t forget that on race day expect surprises around the next corner, dropped drinks bottles C02 cartridges spare tyres and cyclists who have stopped (due to losing chain puncture or crashing!)

The official Ironman triathlons http://ironman.com are very well organised, I can speak from experience having competed in many of the world wide triathlons.
Non Ironman branded events (non M Dot) events like Challenge events (Challenge Roth Germany http://www.challenge-roth.com/en/ or Challenge Henley UK ttp://www.challengehenley.com) are also great especially for your first experience.

If you are a first timer even experienced at Triathlon Olympic and Middle distance or marathon running suggest you pick an easier course and one you can train on.

If you live in London then Challenge Henley is the event for you or if you live in the midlands then the Outlaw is fast becoming another distance which fills up faster than it takes to put on a wet suit.

Learn your craft before entering and training for Ironman Bolton, Lanzarote or Ironman Wales all considered being some of the toughest 140.6 miles triathlon in the world.

Local events are less stressful. No flights travelling lost or damaged bikes.
Mark has crossed the finish line in 34 Iron distance triathlons including events that were originally Ironman branded when he did them, below is just a few he is proud of finishing.
China -Roth x 2 Lanzarote x 2 -UK Bolton - Canada  Malaysia –New Zealand – Switzerland x 2 Frankfurt – Florida – Austria – Sweden – Vine man California
& 2 x Kona Hawaii Finisher

If you need Triathlon Coach or Ironman coaching then contact me  or see my list of coachig services

 If you need Triathlon or Ironman coaching then contact me