What Mark has contributed towards triathlons

I often get asked what i have put back to triathlon?

Some examples below

  • For those that may not know i was founder of at least 5 triathlon clubs since 1984, giving up my evenings and weekends to share my Triathlon passion to help all ages all abilities) improve their knowledge fitness and improve their performance. Been involved in triathlon committees (unpaid weekend and evening work) to improve facilities and help organize club events.
  • I have spent thousands of hours answering questions since i launched my website www.IRONMATE.co.uk in 2002.
  • During my 520 triathlons i have helped others who forget kit,
  • I have fixed other competitors bikes in transitions before my race.
  • I have stopped to help others mid race including swimmers (panic attacks lost their goggles or do up other competitors wetsuits)
  • During one Ironman i spent (lost 38 minutes of my race time) helping two triathletes     
  • Changing a tubular, the triathlete did not have a spare and my tubular had short valve extensions so had to use teeth to remove their long valve)                                                                                                                  a A lady did not have tyre levers to change her inner tube so i use her quick release to remove and replace tyre. Both successfully completed their ironman.
  • I have loaned out 2 track pumps in transition and NEVER got them back!!
  • During cycle section i have fixed a competitors broken chain. Tightened up a head set mid race. Stropped loaned and showed a competitor how to use my C02 cartidge,  becuase they did not know how to use their first one and wasted it, gave a C02 cartridge. 
  • I Stopped and help a triathlete who had crashed until help arrived and still got 3rd on the podium in my age group!  Staffordshire 70.3 half ironman.
  • Items i have loaned out during events included.
  1. Track Pumps, Tri Suit, swim goggles, race belts, race nutrition, drinks bottles (during bike) run shoes allen keys, spare inner tubs race tubulars,
  • I have spoken at many schools, 15+ years later whilst out cycling i have met at least two cyclist who got into triathlons because of my talks when they were at school.
  •  I have attended countless Sport clubs and sporting exhibitions answering literally thousands of questions.
  •  Triathlons. I have helped at more than 80 triathlon events, with putting together race packets, race day goodie bags, setting up and taking down transitions, putting up cycling and running & caution signs, sweeping cycle course, removing dead animals (deer & badgers) on bike course race day morning, race volunteered at day registrations, transition marshal & given out medals and awards at teh end of an event etc.


Yours always swimming cycling and running and spreading the word of triathlon since 1983.

IronMate Mark

Mark has covered more than 280,000 miles swimming cycling and running.