This is what marathon runners who are training for the Ironman need to know?

This is what marathon runners who are training for the Ironman need to know 
The faster you are as a marathon runner usually means you are the lighter are dense in the water and less likely to have power on the bike
You will use up a lot of energy in the water
This will result in having problems with lacking absolute power on the bike on flat sections but will help during hilly sections. – improve leg strength it will not hinder your running
Being a light weight will hinder you on descents when heavier athletes are likely to use their weight to whizz down faster so its vital you improve cycling skills to save energy.
Nearly all marathon runners who take up swimming are cardio vascular fit but struggle to swim long distances or swim fast due to lacking good technique

  • Learn to float & glide in the water when swimming this will save you a lot energy.
  • Use your aerobic marathon fitness and practise bi-lateral breathing
  • Make sure you improve ankle flexibility this is one area that will slow you down
  • Improve your kicking from the hips not with a bent knee

Mistakes to avoid

  • Getting in distance before seeking swim coaching advice
  • Most swim coaches have little experience with lean runners trying to swim, make sure you get an experienced triathlon coach to help you 
  • Swimming the distance before improving stroke and reducing the number of strokes per length  
  • Avoid pushing heavy resistance on the bike, make sure you don't ride below 90 revs per minute 
  • Aim for 90 > 95 revs per minute (or more if you can) use your marathon fitness so you can run afterwards by spinning


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