What to eat and drink and what to avoid during and after taking antibiotics.

What to consider and plan ahead after taking antibiotics.

Studies have shown that we can have more than 1000 trillion bacteria living in our digestive system to maintain a good healthy balance and allow our bodies to successfully absorb nutrients from the foods we eat. The side effect of taking antibiotic medication is it is not selective in choosing which bacteria it chooses to kill so destroys all the good bacteria in our gut at the same time. 

If you have an imbalance of good and bad bacteria this can lead to inflammation and result in leaky gut syndrome. When this happens this will weaken our immune system cause hormonal imbalances lead to eczema sleep problems (insomnia) mood swings (not absorbing the foods we eat can lead to low energy levels), this then leads to anxiety problems with simple everyday tasks or before or during competitions. 

You need to focus on post-repair to get your gut healthy again. Glutamine can help repair your epithelial lining of the gut.

Homemade broth (not the tinned variety) is really helpful.

Eat more fermented foods to re-introduce the gut to beneficial bacteria to the digestive system. Probiotics are vital if you have destroyed your healthy gut bacteria

Carbohydrates and sugars in natural living foods turn into alcohol and beneficial acids that can protect the immune system and improve the correct balance and your improve your metabolism

Gut flora can be improved with craft fermented chutneys pickles relish & homemade sauerkraut. Fermented dairy products like buttermilk sour cream and homemade raw yoghurt can help replicate the gut flora for optional health. 

The primary benefit of fermentation is that it introduces living and vital probiotics into the digestive system. Lacto-Bacillus cultures produce a much needed lactic acid to get you back on track.

Finally, listen to your body recover fully and when you feel well again then train harder!

Expect to experience diarrhoea when taking anti-biotics because you have changed the gut macrobiotic. This may not happen during taking antibiotics, however it will then HAPPEN during your long distance event lasting longer than 2.5 hours!! 


Food to Choose

Probiotics during and after treatment



Avoid fibre rich foods when taking anti- biotics because they reduce anti-biotic absorption. YOU CAN THEN HAVE HUGE PROBLEMS. (please don't ask me, YOu can experience and learn yourself, WHY, becuase I only share what can happen with my fee-paying clients!) 

Foods after taking anti-biotic medications. 

Fibre-rich foods – cannot be digested by the body but can be digested by gut bacteria which helps them increase and grow. Some studies I have read have shown that fibre reduces the growth of harmful bacteria

High fibre foods include Artichokes Banana Beans Berries Broccoli Lentils Nuts Peas Seeds - Whole grains – Brown Rice Porridge Whole grain rice

Fermented Milk

Foods to ignore

Fibre-rich foods during medication.

Avoid calcium-fortified foods during antibiotic medication.

Cocoa polyphenols help increase healthy bacteria in the gut and reduce unhealthy bacteria.

Grapefruit during medication because this may prevent the body from breaking down your anti-biotic medication.


If you ignore my advice, please don't contact me and ask me why you got stomach issues during a long-distance endurance event! 

I get my pleasure in telling you "I told you so" 


Last updated October 2011.