What Can Cause A Migraine

Migraines are believed to be caused by factors known as triggers.
Usually a combination or 2 or more causes a migraine to happen, avoiding all of the following may not prevent a migraine from happening.

Spring and Autumn (every 6 months) day light hours changing can trigger a migraine.
No two people are the same and often identified triggers do not cause a migraine to happen.
Migraine Triggers that can contribute towards a migraine.
• Allergy that first causes an allergic reaction (Pollen Animals Chlorine)
• Bright lights, looking at a PC or I Pad or mobile phone in the dark
• Certain perfumes odors
• Loud noises
• Physical stress (too much or too little exercise due to work commitments or injury)
• If you have meals at a set time then miss meals
• Dieting can cause migraines
• Foods that are not suitable for your blood type see link for more detail


• Alcohol – more or less than normal
• Smoking
• Exposure to smoke (Bon fire night)
• Jet lag & changing time zones
• Even changing from British summer time to winter time (one hour change)
• Over reaching during training can cause irregular sleep patterns
• Smoking or exposure to smoke
• Tight shoulders caused by sitting in front of a computer
• Foods that contain Tyramine found in Avocado -Bacon –Bananas -Cheese (aged) -Chicken Livers –Chocolate –Citrus

fruits -Figs –Dairy Products - Fish (Smoked)  -Hot Dogs - Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) Nuts – Pea Nut Butter –Picked foods –Onions -Salami -Wine (red)
• Foods containing tyramine (red wine, aged cheese, smoked fish, chicken livers, figs, and some beans), monosodium glutamate (MSG), or nitrates (like bacon, hot dogs, and salami)

When the chemical serotonin level drops in the brain drop a migraine is likely to happen. When serotonin levels drop blood vessels in the brain contract once the blood vessels dilate back to normal the head ache happens.

Some women suffer from a migraine(2 days before and up to 3 days after the start of a period happening due to oestrogen levels falling.

Migraines triggers can be caterogaised into Dietary Emotional, Environmental Physical Medicinal and Mental.

Diet Triggers – Alcohol, Caffeine (More or less than normal) Cheese- Chocolate –Citrus -Dehydration -Irregular meal patterns -Lack of food ( Dieting or Fasting), Sugary foods (Sweets cause blood sugar levels to suddenly increase) Tyramine (foods that contain this chemical listed below)

Emotional Triggers– Anxiety, Depression, Excitement, Shock & Stress, Travel Stress (Airports, Security, Delays)

Environmental Triggers– Bright Lights – Flickering computer screen or film, Loud Noise –Smells (Perfume Flowers Deodorant) , Smoke, Temperature changes (Hot to cold cool to humid), Closed environment (Caused when windows are closed)

Female Triggers – Contraceptive pill, Periods and Menopause can cause migraines. Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) taken to treat symptoms of menopause.

Medicine Triggers – Sleeping tablets,

Physical Triggers– Head Tension -Low blood sugar (diet, fasting, missed a meal) Neck Tension, Poor Posture, Shift Work, Shoulder Tension & Tiredness.

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