What Breakfast What Snack What Meal & What Fluids do I need to drink

Daily nutrition plan for athletes & triathletes
What Breakfast
Have porridge oats for breakfast with banana or honey.
Slow releasing energy makes it easy to train soon afterwards for an early morning swimming or run session
Skipping Breakfast means you are running on empty slows down recovery and this can also reduce your immune system making you more susceptible to colds
What Snacks
Healthy snacks keep you topped up to be mentally and physically alert.
(Fruit, Avocado on Toast, Mixed nuts and Raisins, Yoghurt & Honey, Homemade soups)
Avoids the quick fix sugar peak and sugar crash associated with sweets & crisps so choose carbohydrates & fruits 
Going hungry affects your mood swings, this makes you less likely to want to train, instead can cause you to eat a large amount which will defiantly cause you to not want to exercise as planned.
What Evening Meals
Include protein for recovery and vegetables rich in fibre minerals & vitamins 
(Fish beans nuts & pulses & carbohydrates)
Required for recovery & general health
Avoid going more than 30 minutes after an evening workout before eating
How to stay hydrated until the morning
Have a bottle of natural mineral water by your bed if you wake up thirsty you can simply drink and fall back to sleep
Get out of bed turn on the light risk stubbing your toes all cause you to wake up and not get back to sleep again 
Fuelling Summary
Plan ahead buy foods and have them easily available to eat.
Once a week indulge yourself with a treat for a feat 
Don’t always eat cereal when you feel hungry variety is what your body needs.