Uk Ironman Prepare To Race Information

UK Ironman Triathlon Bike Course Bolton 2009.

The UK Ironman Bolton 2010 - please be advised it will be a tough ride.
Looking at the bike route this is the only route to avoid dozen of traffic lights.


After exiting the swim there is a climb of 1.5 miles half way up about 150m flat before going up again (1:8 gradient).
Early on you have 600ft of climbing in just over 2 miles then the bike ride is quicker with some steady rolling hills, dont worry about your average speed until you have done a lap.
It’s a 3 lap course
Best to hold back and use your fitness and easy gear.
The hill is not particularly demanding but long enough to create delayed fatigue later in the event.

If its going to be wet have the front tyre 5-10lbs less than the rear.
For comfort, safety and to reduce chances of punctures

After this 1.5 mile difficult climb there is a sharp downhill with a sharp right hand into Belmont Road then climbing again then a long descent to the Brinscall turn to the steepest climb up through Brinscall (gradient 1:5 -1:6).
The rest of the route is undulating, possibly a 3 lap course.
Gear choice.
For a good age group athlete hoping to go sub 6 hours for the hilly UK Ironman in Bolton you need a low 49 inch gear to get up the steep hills and avoid using your strength and keeping your heart rate down.

The following cycle gear combinations are highly recommended. If you plan to take longer than 6 Hours then use a gear easier than those listed below.
To work out the size of the gear is easy
Gear = Wheel × Chain wheel ÷ Sprocket

27" wheel x 42 (Chain wheel) divide by rear sprocket = number in inches travelled
I.e. 27 x 40 divide 22 = 49.1 inches

One revolution in the following gear you will travel a total number of inches in brackets.
700c wheels –
40/22 (49.1 inches)
42/23 (49.3 inches)
44/24 (49.5 inches)
46/25 (49.7 inches)

Compact chain ring
39/21 (50.1 inches)
38/21 (48.9 inches)
36/20 (48.6 inches)
36/19 (51.2 inches)

650 wheels –
36/19 (49.3) inches)
38/20 (49.4 inches)
39/20 (50.7 inches)
39/21 (48.3 inches)
40/21 (49.5 inches)
42/22 ((49.6 inches)
44/23 (49.7 inches)
46/24 (49.8 inches)
48/25 (49.9 inches)

The above are the minimum if its cold windy and you are tired you will need a much wider ratio cassette to help you get up hills comfortably, this event is NOT a hill climb but a warm up for the Ironman marathon.
Remember no one ever asks you what gear you use, save yourself for the 26.2 miles!
From experienced triathletes who have previously trained on the course they suggest adding steep hills to your training or using a gear on a hill at 55-60 revs per minute to build up strength then going straight over the top to improve fitness.

Go and check out the course. Once the route is finalised we may try and post it on U-Tube.

Ironman Bolton marathon.
Rumour is that the organisers want to finish on the steps of Bolton Town Hall!
Yes to be confirmed, problem is that are plenty of traffic lights to go through.
The hilly area will make the run also tough, you have been warned

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