Tristar 111 International Triathlon Series

TriStar 111 Traithlons in 2012

Some of the best organised triathlons are held close to Milton Keynes in the heart of England.

Now the inaugural Tri Star in the UK will be held East of Milton Keynes just 10 days before the Olympic Triathlon at the London 2012 Games.
Milton Keynes is located just 80km form London and has good access by road rail and air. Stansted, Luton & Heathrow airport are all within easy access.

There will be 2 events on 29th July.
The TriStar 111 & TriStar 33.3 ideal for beginners or those who want a super fast course.
Long course traditional 1/1/1/ event involves
1k Open water Swim 100km Bike and 10km Run
Short Triathlon event
0.3k Open water swim 30km bike 3km Run

To see what the cycle route is like click on the link for pictures

Both TriStar events will be run by UK triathlon organsiers events

There are 15 world wide TriStar events from Monaco to Milton Keynes from Cannes to Lyon from Minnesota to Sardinia to Worms in Germany.

See below full list of the TriStar WorldWide events.

TriStar111 Nevis
TriStar111 Mallorca
TriStar111 Cannes
TriStar111 Worms-Germany
TriStar111 Deauville
TriStar111 Madrid
TriStar111 Lyon
TriStar111 Salzkammargut
TriStar111 Milton Keynes
TriStar111 Estonia
TriStar111 Minnesota
TriStar111 Monaco
TriStar111 Split

For more detail click on the offcial web site
Find your favorite distance and have fun in racing one of the following events:
 0,1km swim * 10km cycle * 1km run * total distance: 11,1km
 0,3km swim * 30km cycle * 3km run * total distance: 33,3km
 0,5km swim * 50km cycle * 5km run * total distance: 55,5km
 1km swim * 100km cycle * 10km run * total distance: 111km
 2km swim * 200km cycle * 20km run * total distance: 222km

169km cycle * 1km swim * 30km run * total distance: 200km

For a list and links to each event click below

See you at the Races!

More details about the UK event coming soon.