Triathlon Travel Tips

Don’t be concerned about putting your bike together when you arrive, most bike shops can do it professionally and cheaply. Some Ironman expos have a bike work shop too.

Rental Car
Many European cars are smaller and are not big enough to hold a bike case. Know the boot size of the rental car – will it hold your bike case at the other end?

- Always read the race information a number of times BEFORE you leave; so you know rules and requirements
- Never wear your race shoes travelling; you will take the guts out of them before the race begins
-Dress for comfort; wear layers to allow you to be at the right temperature

- Have a mental emergency action plan; you may not be able to do anything but mentally prepared to cope. Always have food with you.
- Escape the crowds even consider airport V.I.P lounges they can cost from as little as £14 away from the hustle and bustle

When travelling to San Francisco in 2006 for Escape from Alcatraz Triathlon, our flight sat on the runway for over 4 hours because of engine problems, no airline hostess could serve drinks or water. We eventually had to stay the night in Heathrow and travel the next day. I now never get onto a flight without a large drink and food.

The Meet and Greet service at the air port makes sense after all your hard work training. No lugging heavy luggage bike cases etc on and off of buses. No hassle to find your car when you get back.

In some cases pre- booked meet & greet services can be the same price as turn up and pay to park. It’s a no brainer. You get a guarantee space at peak travel times. A quick call just before arriving means a chauffeur is waiting are there to collect and return your car when you get back no matter what time your planes arrives.

Anyone who drives in the SE of England will know how busy and stressful it can be, but driving in Europe is not so tiring or stressful, the roads are much quieter. However driving on the funny side of the road (right hand side) may make you feel uncomfortable. Get a partner friend or competitor is Ok to drive instead.
No weight restriction here, you can take whatever you like including everything for all 4 seasons.

On Arrival
When you arrive go for a swim or easy run to release some stress.
Running is a great way to explore without going too far. Don’t forget to take a map and your new accommodation address details you are at most risk of getting lost in the first 2 days!

Travel top tips
Research before you leave what you need to know so you wont be surprised or disappointed,
don’t wait to read the race info on the plane but do read it again and double check everything.
The above may seem mundane but it will lessen the stress and give you more energy for the race.