Triathlon questions frequently asked & answered

‘I work full-time. I’m training for a long-course event in May. I’d also like to do a couple more between the end of May and mid-September. I train 10hrs per week. Is it physiologically feasible for an age-grouper like me to keep on improving by racing long-course in May, July and September? How should I schedule my training between races?’
Yes it is possible to improve after recovering from your long distance triathlon, but you must listen to your body more than sticking to “the training plan”.
After each race focus on non- weight bearing activity, swimming and cycling, only resume your running 2-3 days after your legs are no longer sore. During this time 
Improve range of movement flexibility and your core during each recovery phase.
Ask yourself after each event-were you able to maintain race pace did you slow down or get stronger. Do not neglect your strengths but work on going faster for the distance.
Between competitions focus on areas that need attention. 
Train ONLY 6-7 hours a week 
After each race focus more on recovery & technique then each week increase percentage of race pace efforts & steady endurance sessions but not more hours.
When you feel tired ease back when you are strong work harder otherwise you will lose form instead of improving endurance.
After each race, focus on technique and recovery sessions until both your mind and body are ready to increase the intensity and volume. When you lack motivation do not be afraid of take a few rest days or ease back your efforts; as the best way to 
speed up the healing process is to stay active with very easy sessions and extra sleep.
If you fail to listen to your body you will fail to have great races.
If you keep to my guidelines you will have another great performance later in the season.
Long distance events break down endurance and with the correct training make you stronger next time.
Beginning of June compete in a sprint triathlon then end of June compete in an Olympic once you have recovered build. 
Target each one as training then 
July -Target the middle distance triathlon or simialr distance as an important event.
August compete in an Olympic & Sprint triathlon. Cycle for 60 minutes after Olympic distance & 90 minutes after sprint 
triathlon while hydrating and replacing 300 calories per hour. Both will used as training. Then September taper for your 3rd year main race Middle of Olympic
“Make it your best race of the year”
Mistakes to avoid
Just because you are doing long endurance racing do not think you have lots of endurance after an event. These events break down endurance and with the correct training make you stronger next time.
Mistakes to Avoid
Reduce volume in between races so you can be effective at being race specific & avoid junk mileage. Use the time you are not training to recover this is when you will improve fitness
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