Treatment for Blisters

Blisters treatment 
New skin grows underneath blister best not to pull off blisters skin, allow blistered skin to provide a natural barrier to infection can also act as a natural barrier. 
Allow blister to dry on the surface and will fall off once ready to do so.

Types of Blisters
Blisters are caused by friction


Dirt (stones gravel debris) 

long term moisture or

Badly fitted socks (even your favourite ones can cause blisters) 

Warm spot will cause a blister.

Avoid piercing blisters even a sterilized needle can lead to infections. If this happens the wound will not heal up as quickly.

Cover blister with soft dressing then plaster to keep dressing secure and from moving. Wash hands then change dressing daily to prevent further infection.

Burst Blisters
Refrain from peeling or pulling away skin, allow fluid to drain dry area clean and cover to prevent further discomfort and allow natural healing to take place. 
Medical conditions (Herpes and Impertigo) that cause blisters then consult a specialist doctor or pharmacy to be advised best way to treat a blister 
Establish the cause before treatment.
Have your shoes shrunk do you need to re lace them
Zinc Oxide tape works best or a plaster or bandage and plaster. 
Clean area warm soapy water and add savlon or antiseptic 
Allow to dry out then cover area with a gauze bandage allow
Never use duct tape. 
Ironmate Tip
Tea Tree oil works wonders to speed up blister repairing. 

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