Traitlon - The Wrong Way to Spell Triathlon

Traitlon - The Wrong Way to Spell Triathlon

There is only one way to spell "Triathlon" but there are many variations.

A contest consisting of 3 different disciplines usually swimming cycling and running is called a Tri-Athlon.

Triathlon is of Greek origin (Trei) Three and athlos means contest in Greek.

The correct spelling for the multi-sport of swimming cycling and running continuous in immediate succession without a break

is Triathlon.
The winner is the fastest to complete all three disciplines including changing between each sport.

Triathlon is often misspelt the following ways, even NBC that covered the 1989 World Ironman Championships spelt it wrong

they added and extra a!! Spelling it incorrectly as Triathlon Ah!!!
The Most common spelling mistakes of “Triathlon” are

So real competitors who have competed in a “Triathlon” (spelt correctly) know how to spell so do not be fooled by imposters.

The swim is first the cycle is next and the run is last, however some events actually do it the opposite way round and are known as
–In reverse Triathlon or the I.R.T, the 3 discipline events start with the run then the cycle and finished with the swim.
Other multi-Sport events include
Aquathlon –Swim then run
Aqua Bike > Swim then Bike
Biathlon > Cross Country Skiing and Rifle shooting
Decathlon – 10 events held over 2 days
Duathlon – Run > Bike > Run
Heptathlon – Female event where 7 events are competed over 2 days.
Pentathlon – Involves 5 events.
Rowathlon involves rowing (indoors concept 2) then cycling and running.

A person who completes a triathlon is known as a triathlete.

The First ever Triathlon was held in Mission Bay September Wednesday 25th 1974 San Diego California USA and 46 competitors finished.
1st was Bill Phillips in a time of 55 minutes and 44 seconds to complete the 500 yard swim 5 mile bike and 6 mile run.

Triathlons can be any distance however the most common distances are.
Super Sprint (Pool swim)
Swim 400m Bike 20 km (12 miles) Run 5 km (3.1 miles)

Sprint Triathlon
Swim 750m (open water) Bike 20 km (12 miles) Run 5 km (3.1 miles)

Olympic Distance Triathlon
Swim 1,500m (0.93 miles) Bike 40 km Run (25 miles) 10 km (6.2 miles)

Middle distance Triathlon also known as 70.3 (miles) or Half Ironman
Swim 1,900m (1 mile 300m) Bike 90 km (56 miles) Run 21 km (13.1 miles)

Iron distance - Ironman
Swim 3,840m (2 miles 400m) Bike 180 km (112 miles) Run 42.2 km (26.2 miles)

Double Iron distance - Triathlon
Swim 7,680m (4 miles 800m) Bike 360 km (224 miles) Run 84.4 km (52.4 miles)
Non stop complete the swim distance then the bike then the run

Triple Iron distance - Triathlon
Swim 11,500m (7miles 200m) Bike 540 km (336 miles) Run 126.6km (78.6 miles)
Non stop complete the swim distance then the bike then the run

Decca Iron man triathlon (10 x Iron distance triathlon)
Swim 38,400m (24 miles) Bike 18,000 km (1,120 miles) Run 422 km (262 miles)
The above is usually completed by first swimming the total distance then cycling 18,000 km then covering 422 km on foot.
To date there is only one other event where you cover an iron distance triathlon every day for 10 days

30 in 30 (30 x Iron distance triathlons in a month)
In 2013 there will be a competition involving 30 iron distance triathlons in 30 consecutive days

An Astonishing distance of swimming 72 miles cycling 3,360 miles and running walking and crawling 786 miles or a total distance of 4,218 miles in just one month.

Mark is a full time coach and has completed 35 Iron distance Double and Triple Iron distance triathlons and also coaches athletes to complete all of the above distance.
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