Marks Training Tips

Everybody worries about “doing the right thing”
Think about the following to help you understand how to plan what to do.
By thinking about your training, and planning the following into small segments, you will benefit more and find the variety interesting.

END OF SEASON - Full recovery winter health slow training and weights.

PRE RACE SEASON  – Distance and base training. Have an idea of what you are planning on doing and then this will keep you focused on what needs to be done. Do you need to train on hills, train longer, and improve bike skills by riding off road.

PRIVATE FITNESS TESTS - Fail to prepare is planning to fail. Have your own short tests that do not distract you from training but give you feedback on speed strength race pace and endurance. The test should last from 6-20 minutes of effort after a thorough warm up and some tempo race pace efforts 15-30 seconds lasting a combined total time of 4 minutes do the time trail. To get the most out of this try and monitor average and maximum heart rate time taken and or distance covered, average speed. Look for either once pace throughout or fading towards the end or speeding up. This will give you a guide to your endurance, speed and race pace and then you know what to do to make adjustments.

EARLY RACES - No taper just fit them into your training. Do long established local events that keep disruption to a minimum. Do these each year and monitor how your build up and fitness is.

MID SEASON - Peaking to race and a mini break with time off to continue without becoming mentally jaded. You may need to add some endurance as racing may have reduced the ability to train long.

END OF SEASON - Review the good the bad and the ugly.
Races and training for Fun. Do a different sport

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