How To Train For Ironman Langkawi Malaysia

Train for Ironman Langkawi and the road to Kona. Qualifying slots for the Hawaii Ironman World championships usually 35. Check web site for more details
Want a hot humid tough Ironman then this is the course for you especially if you are good in the heat it can be in the high 90’s
The following information is from a past Ironman Langkawi finisher to help you have a successful ironman.
Location – Langkawi Malaysia
Established – 2001
Past Winners male:  2004 -Luke Van Lierde 8:48 & (2005) 8:31 -2006 Jason Shortis 8:36 - 2007 Xavier Le Floch 8:43- 2008 Faris Al Sultan 8:34
Female: 2003 Gillian Bakker 10:01 - 2004 Marylyn MacDonald 10:24- 2006 Sonja Tajsich 10:08- 2007 Nicole Leder 9:42 -2008 Belinda Granger 9:29 & 8th overall!
SWIM – Starts on the beach and a short run into the sea. The start can be in the dark which makes it difficult as the sun is very bright on the return leg of the swim where you need tinted lenses.
One single lap square course exiting each lap. Use tinted goggles for the bright sun made worse by the glare from the bright sun, expect slight cross waves caused by swimmers ahead creating waves.
Some years they have distance markers every 200m with good luck messages along the marked buoy course, great idea.
A speed suit or dark tri suit can help in the swim to stop tiny jelly fish from stinging, they seem attracted by light colours. Some years there are none other years jelly fish are everywhere. Once you get out of the water you need light coloured quick drying clothing for the humid conditions.
Temperature of water 74-78 degrees so no wet suits are allowed.
BIKE –Mostly flat apart form a few rolling hills over the 180km two and half laps. Hold back on the climbs keep body temperature low and work harder on the down non technical hills.
Good or poor road surface look ahead and read the road.
Often windy later on during the bike.
RUN – Two lap course with 3 miles of up hill away form the coast each lap, again hold back up the hill working on lots of fluids and lengthen your stride on the down hill. The run is hot and humid probably one of the hottest in the Ironman family. A cap with attached handkerchief or light weight chamois keeps the back of your neck cool. Pour water over your head to helps dissipate heat.
Training Tip – Turbo before a ride or one sauna every week before or after a work out. Humidity for a fit athlete not noticeable walking about only difficult when you train in Langkawi or compete in the Ironman triathlon.
IRONMAN SPECTATOR TIPS – Good views of 1 lap swim, hire a motor bike or car to watch the bike, medium amount of friendly spectators. Make sure you have a large hat and plenty of high factor sun block and plenty to drink otherwise the competitor will have to care for you after. Watch in the shade when possible. Finish line is very open and hot.
Sun sets early but it is still hot to late into the evening.
Mark Kleanthous 26th Ironman Langkawi finisher in 10:57

Mark Kleanthous is a 30 times Iron distance finisher for coaching and training tips log onto

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