Ironman and Triathalon Swimming Tips

Swimming - There are four strokes front crawl, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly.The quickest stroke is front crawl but you can do breast stroke in the triathlon.

Some athletes have done back stroke even in the Iron Man.

The swim takes up roughly 15-18% of the total time it takes to complete a triathlon for an average age grouper. The swim is the first sport in triathlon and probably the most technical, so it can take the longest to develop. Always include a warm up and warm down. The more efficient you are the fresher you will be for the bike and run.

Each session incorporate technique drills. Aim for the following sessions, steady swimming with good drills, Medium/hard swimming not flat out.

Long distance swim including drills as you swim. Drills and intervals, the distance and recovery are dependant on the time of year. A threshold session can be short or long distance time trail, hard and easy hard and drills, hard and stopping. If you only swim 2 or 3 times a week continue to do missed sessions the following week and then start from the beginning again.

Open water swimming is very important join a triathlon club or the many organised swim sessions. Some triathlons have practised days. Triathlon clubs have open water swim sessions and swim pool swim training often this will be a combination of drills with a time trial held every 3-5 weeks.

Get a qualified swim coach to analysis your stroke for smooth efficient technique.

Swimming in a group in open water is probably the most daunting of all the three sports. This needs to be practised.

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