Swimhiking What Is It?

SWIMHIKING (Be an adrenaline Junkie)

Combine hiking with swimming (in rivers or open water lakes)

Convert your normal hike into a Hike swim adventure.

Normal hiking gear plus a wet suit (optional) plus a dry bag that you put all your equipment in before you get in the water to swim.

Take your wet suit in a dry-bag or swim sac for more info click on www.swimsac.co.uk
With this bag you can continue your hike after drying yourself and putting back on dry clothes.
Use a couple of children’s inflatable arm bags and check that the bag floats to avoid the bag pulling you under the water.
Towel to dry yourself and some foods for afterwards as you will use up more energy during an open water swim.
Take a whistle that is easily accessible to attract attention should you get yourself into difficult or need to let other water users know you are there.

You will get a different perspective of the landscape.
Can travel in a straight line, rivers lakes no longer are a barrier and travel in a straight line.
Unlike doing laps after laps in a swimming pool and getting bored swimhiking you never get bored.
Great all round fitness work out and can cool you down on a hot day.
It’s a perfect way to combine land and water.

Before your swim hike
You must try this first in a swimming pool to find the best way to swim and pull your dry bag behind you. You will need to ask permission first

Always swim-hike with others within your ability and tell others
Attach your bag to your arms and make sure that it does not stop you from your
You are at greater risk of drowning in open water no matter how competent you are at swimming.
Hypothermia can happen quickly swimming in cold water.

Get out there and enjoy.

Every type of exercise has its risks.

For information on cramp click on the link below