Supplements For Sport

Supplements for sport.

A balanced diet should be your preferred choice however

Best supplements for sport.
Beta Alanine is one of 2 amino acids that are required to produce protein. Also needed to reduce muscle fatigue during exercise.

Found in lean meat such as turkey.
Mistakes to avoid.
Not having enough protein or amino acids will delay muscles repairing and growing too much however most people have too much protein and the extra not required is broken down and can be stored as fat.

Beta Alanine supplements 3-6g per day for 14-28 days is helpful. Although found in turkey you would need almost 1.8 lbs of this meat daily to get the same amount. The extra protein and cost out weighs the cost of this short term supplement.
What for.
Muscle production.

CREATINE – an amino acid that can increase muscle power. Should only be used for short periods of time during intense training.
It works by providing more available energy for fuel. I have not found any evidence that it helps endurance triathletes or runners.
Common sense tells me that during endurance training and racing we use our aerobic systems and rarely use muscle endurance.
Creatine is now mostly used for power athletes and less for marathon runners and triathletes.
Vegetarian alternative
Non meat eaters and those that only eat meat several times a week may find that juniper berries a non supplement alternative.
What for. Creatine is helpful during interval repeats either on the track 400m or swim sprints 25m 50m 75m & 100m.

Required for creating metabolic energy and the moving and breakdown of fatty acids that can be used a fuel.
Found in red meat but quantities are small in milk and most other proteins
Benefits – In theory benefits the diet recovery and fitness.
Again I have not found any research that taking this supplement improves performance.

If we eat the same foods and train the same sometimes we will lack small amounts of minerals.
Even having a dietician supply you with a daily meal schedule our bodies change what we need not our diets.
The perfect diet this week may be lacking next week.
Too much carbohydrate can lack micro-nutriments that can be obtained from supplements.
It may not be your diet but drinking just plain water that that goes straight thru you can be the cause as you may not be able to absorb water. Sodium and potassium is required to effectively absorb water so you choice should be an electrolyte drink or water with a banana.
As we get older are requirements change.

Living at altitude can also make a big difference, being active may mean you need more sleep than inactive people who are always tired?

Staying hydrated is a challenge drink just enough at bedtime so you don’t have to wake up during the night rather than wake up hydrated.
Tip is to have a bottle of water by your bed so if you wake up thirsty you can sip without waking up fully.

If you do decide on supplements use tried and tested well known brands for peace of mind.