Stretching For Swim Bike Run & Triathlon

Stretching is a preventive measure to reduce the chance of injury by increasing the circulation to the joints & muscles and elevating the heart rate.                                                                             Never stretch when cold or rush a stretch and avoid stretching so much it hurts because this can stress the muscle or tear it and cause an injury.
Stretch after the warm up & after all easy and hard work outs, straight after exercise or later after a shower or bath or providing you are still warm.
Static stretching should be held for 20-30 seconds never bounce when stretching.

SWIMMING – Stretch the shoulders are the main muscles that tighten during and after swimming. Lats upper back should also be stretched. Don’t forget ankle flexibility will help kicking and body stability.

CYCLING – Stretch the calf’s hamstrings neck lower back & quadriceps

RUNNING – Stretch the hamstrings lower back neck quadriceps & shoulders