Stressful Day At Work But Want To Train?

Bad Day at Work

Had a tough day at work because it was… and can’t find the motivation to train understanding the following will help you get back on track.

If you have been driving all day – Stretch and complete an easy swim or spin on the bike.

If you have a labour job then works on fitness you have not used.
Heavy labour work then spin on bike use easiest gears on hills use fitness not strength.

Then warm yourself up from the inside with an easy work out until you are lightly sweating


Keep hydrated on the way home
When you work out and for several hours afterwards.

Physically (out side in the cold or rain or heat) or being pulled from all directions or the boss has been !!!!!!

If your nutrition has been hap hazard going hungry at work then try and plan ahead much better in the future or at the very least have sports snacks with you for emergency purposes, it is no wonder you don’t feel like training.

Easy snacks fruit bananas even gels can pick you up before a training session after work.
Eat an hour before finishing work so by the time your are ready to train you have absorbed the energy to work out.
Flavoured milk can be light on the stomach.

Even the world’s best athletes have motivation problems so think about your up coming event. Do not despair if you miss 1 or 2 or 3 workouts or even a weeks training. If you have been sitting watching the TV or doing nothing you will have lost some fitness if you have been busy working or other projects D.I.Y then you have been cross training.

It is much better to train 2 times a week for 6 months because the body takes time to adapt and improve than trying to cram in 7 days week training in the last few weeks.
If you cannot train most days now due to other commitments the saturation is unlikely to change in the future.

This can help relax you ease away tensions and get your ready for the up coming training.

Train with a mate friend buddy at least once a week and try and set aside that day each week.

Taking time out to train is often productive you can think about what you need to do and prioritize this can also help you sleep

Make the workout fun and it is doing me good rather than training is a chore.

Is important for preventing many diseases. Make each session count either Easy Medium or Hard not all at the same pace or distance or using the same route.

The 4 P’s
Be Purposeful Persistent Positive to improve performance

You will feel much better have more confidence.
Healthy benefits includes making bones stronger improved mental strength reduces anxiety which can stop you actually exercising, improves self image and improves your general health heart lungs reduces weight and makes you fit and healthy in the in and out side.

Easy exercise is still beneficial and better than not training because you have not got the energy or mental strength to train hard.

Have a plan with down or hire a coach to make you accountable or write a blog.
Can’t train in the morning you are a night owl no problem train after work
Soon as you get on don’t turn on TV radio get in change straight out for a run swim etc then shower and the evening is all yours.
Train on set days, this is your body’s day, make this day a habit every Wednesday etc, if you know you cant train on a Wednesday then plan ahead and try Tuesday if you fail you still have Thursday or Friday.

Always speak to your doctor before starting an exercise programme.
One of the best motivators is to stop thinking of it as "must-do exercise" and start thinking in terms of movement that's fun. Pick an activity that you truly enjoy: football, baseball, volleyball, dance, karate, running, bicycling, walking, swimming or jumping rope. The key is to have fun while exercising.

Take the stairs rather than lift or elevator. Park car at first legal parking space and walk it can often be quicker. Walk rather than drive Run rather than walk. Cycle to the gym rather than drive. Exercise – Stretch once warm Cycle Treadmill etc while watching TV
Walk inside if the weather is bad, indoor shopping areas, don’t under estimate time on your feet.

Treat for a feat of fitness training (once more this week than last week) or improvement
Even if you love working out and breaking a sweat, there are times when getting up off the coach and hitting the gym can seem like the last thing you want to do. While you should certainly listen to your body (especially if you’re not feeling well or recovering from an injury), if it’s just your mind being lazy, here are some ways to get motivated and get your body moving.

From an experienced expert coach or nutritional advisor.

Start today and build up rather than start next month and stop because you have set too high your ambitions.

Over 6 weeks build up your fitness testing form 2 to 6 minutes then monthly see how you are doing. Test yourself over asset distance or time for signs of it becoming much easier and you are moving much faster.

For coahcing advice contact Mark Kleanthous contact details on fornt page