Stress & Sport


Unfortunately stress is a fact of life
Stress can be good for us, however too much stress can be bad.
It will lead to tension illness and affect our whole life including family friends and work colleagues.

This can be caused by the fear of the unknown

Don’t train as being tense can cause injury from lack of concentration or muscles too tight

Ok if you really have to work out go easy.

Stress buster tips
First turn that phone off….
Take a deep breath & breathe out slowly

Go to a yoga or meditation class

Clench fists for 3 seconds then release

Count to 10 slowly

Punch a pillow

Have a relaxing warm bath – can help you fall to sleep

Take time out to relax

Try a new sport especially a sports team

Do something you use to enjoy that you have not done for a long time.

Smiling can also help

Talk to a close friend

Brisk walking

Make time for yourself

Signs of stress can be;-
Problem sleeping
Sweaty hands
Feel run down
Tight neck, aches & pains
Eating more or less food than normal
Always rushing around
Grumpy most of the time
Smoking more
Drinking more alcohol

Things that can cause stress
Away from home – This can add stress to relationships
Childbirth – new baby demands and disturbed sleep
Death of a loved one
Divorce - - Bereavement
Financial – money problems
Holiday – fitting many things in before you go on holiday. Being on holiday breaks up our normal routine
Moving Home – don’t try and do everything at once
Personnel – relationship problems or separation
Retirement – For some this can lead to isolation lack of routine
Sleep -You may need extra sleep so go to bed 30 minutes early and read till you feel sleepy.
Work - Unemployment – job insecurity or redundancy
Work – Change of job lots to learn quickly will add stress.
Christmas time – The mad build up and expectations of Christmas -Being with loved ones 24/7 can add pressure