Sports Drinks

There are different types of powder that you mix with water Milk or Soya milk to make instant sports drinks. The list below explains what sports drinks to use. 

This is normally a high carbohydrate drink for instant energy that is easily absorbed. Refer to instructions to mix to correct percentage to optimum performance. Depending on the temperature will affect absorption so quantity often should be reduced when it gets hotter. 
A carbohydrate drink with Electrolytes. A great source for energy and can help improve performance in the heat. 

Designer Whey protein powder for re building muscle break down and promoting muscle growth.
This type of sports drink is can benefit young and old athletes.
Protein recovery, which is often a mixture of 4:1 carbohydrate and protein for recovery in the 1-4 hours after exercise.

Milk drinks are protein drinks and can speed up recovery.

Do you know the difference between sports drinks?
HYPOTONIC DRINKS – Hypo means below. (3-4% of carbohydrate per 100ml of water)
ISOTONIC DRINKS contain 5-8% (5-8grams of carbohydrate per 100ml of water)
HYPERTONIC DRINKS – Hyper means more. (10% of carbohydrate per 100ml of water