Sporting Poems

My sporting poems

Memories last a life time
Long after the t shirt is faded.

Memories last a life time
Long after the race results are lost.

Memories last a life time
Long after the medal is hidden away.

Memories last a life time
Even when my mind eventually forgets.

I will know deep down what I have achieved                                                                                 Memories last a life time.

Loved ones Volunteers & support crew make more sacrifices than I do
They allow me to train tirelessly
They put up with my mood swings
They allow us to be apart.
They wait patiently for me to race & finish
I do hope that get the same satisfaction that I do?
When I eventually cross that finish line
I get a medal they get nothing.

Wind in my face
When I train up hill I lose time
When I train down hill I gain time
Climbing up is like a penalty crime
Speeding down the other side is all mine
I could be better if I worked part time
But seconds thought I can afford a bike that it mine.

Flying down a hill at break neck speed I have no fear
I am glad I got all the best gear
At the hair pin bend my heart races with fear
I am directed by a volunteer
Who shouts “its ok its all clear”
I smile and thank them to the sound of a crowd who cheer
My heart is thumping so loud I can hear my heart in my inner ear

The Ironman is my goal
I feel great when I start training but need to have self control
But months into training the race still seems as far off as the north pole
Some days training my body is weak but my mind is in control
It’s as though all the training has disappeared in a black hole
Others days I feel strong and are on cruise control

I want to be an Ironman that’s my ambition
To prove my fitness I had to get a health certificate from my physician
to get the race permission.

I write down each day I will finish, that’s my mission
To do well in the Ironman competition.

I have to focus on my nutrition
I practise in my mind the transition.

I am Losing weight and getting definition
After the race with mates we have an inquisition.

After the Ironman
To be an Ironman I will get recognition
I study the results like a statistician
From the swim & bike & run and especially the transition
I wear with pride my Ironman t shirt limited edition

I entered on line and paid by credit card

In my mind I do train hard

if I don’t finish I will be mentally scarred.

To the outside world the ironman is not possible, In my mind everything is possible.     

A banner at the ironman finish reads “Anything is possible”  

In my mind we all survive,

To the outside world if I finish I get a high five.

Armchair athletes think it’s not possible, I will not be told.  

The pain is worse than I was told,  it far worse its four fold

To finish the triathlon I must be bold.

To finish inside the cut of time, I must pedal If I want an Ironman finishers medal

At the end of the triathlon road.   It’s priceless but no pot of gold.

32 x Iron distance finsiher Ironmate Mark, inspired to write a poem. Please dont copy mine write your own.

Iornmate copyright 2005 ©

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