Spectator Tips For Watching A Triathlon Competition

Spectator Tips for watching a triathlon

Tell your athlete where you plan to be on the course so they do not spend unnecessary time and effort trying to pick you out of the crowd.

Race spectator tips
Wear something brightly coloured so the athlete can easily spot you.

Know what the athlete plans to wear for all occasions
I know many an athlete who has put on something different at the last minute because it looks like it will rain and the spectator has NOT noticed them go by!

Know the athletes race number

Be clear at what time the athlete starts the competition and approximate times anticipated during the race.
Often 100m after the transition or race start can be a good place to watch the action.
Up a hill that has good visibility as the athletes will be going much slower than a fast down hill.

Try and look ahead rather than immediately in front as you can soon become dizzy and disorientated as many athletes rush by.

Know the course in advance.
How many laps is the cycle and run.

Arrive with plenty of time. Remember the toilets will be very busy and have long queues before the race and are empty as soon as the race starts

Make a note of other competitors in front of your athlete so during a lap course when they come as this will give you a warning to be ready.

Remember positions in the race can change, know your athletes race day plan strategy will they maintain the same pace speed up or slow down?

The Course
Read the web site race details and if possible go to race briefing for any last minute changes.

Crossing the course
Make sure you know where you can cross the course safely. Police and marshals may tell you where and when to cross the path of competitors.
Spectator Tips for your athlete
Keep a note of how many laps they have to do. Estimated the pace they plan to take.
I.e. if its 4 laps divide total time by 4 (if estimated at 60 minutes then each lap should take 15 minutes) you can then have your camera ready.

What to say to the athlete
Call out positive words of encouragement and if you notice any change in style or form give them positive feedback like
Short fast breathing say “Relax your breathing”
Athlete bent over looking down can send negative signals so say“Look ahead”
Athlete losing ground say “Focus on the athlete ahead”

Spectator kit essentials
Carry a rack sack for your food and drink it can be a long day.
Note pad to keep track of your athlete and other competitors.
Have your own food and drink you will use up a lot of energy so be self sufficient you do not want to miss the action while you were in a queue buying food & Drink
You may need to take last minute warm up clothing from your athlete.
Have a lap counter so you can know their position and shout out encouragement at the same time.
Stop watch that was started when the race began.
Foldable chair if it is going to be a long day.
Wear a hat to avoid heat stroke. Sunglasses help especially when you have to look directly into the sun for competitors coming towards you.
Sun block to avoid getting burnt.

The Finish
Have a pre planned spot where you plan to meet loved ones after the race.

More tips to follow by www.ironmate.co.uk