South Africa Ironman Information

Spec Savers South Africa Ironman 25th April 2010
Port Elizabeth South Africa

In 2009 temperatures temperatures reached 30 degrees for the 1,500 athletes.
Famous for being Hot & windy.
It could be a very fast course with ideal conditions. Flat sea undulating bike course.
Punctures were a problem with thorns and rough surface mature those tyres for go puncture protections and don’t pump them up too hard. Carry at least 2 spares

Spec Savers South Africa Iornman entries close midnight on 15th March 2009.

SWIM 3.8k
One lap swim in the Indian Ocean sent off to the sounds of Afriacn drummers.
Swim cut off is 2 hours 20 minutes from the start.
Swim course record Anton Storm (2009) 45:23

CYCLE 180k
3 lap course
Rough tarmac surface for comfort 23c width tyres are recmemebned so you will not be as battered as using narrower tyres.
Cut off time is 10 hours 30 minutes after the start or 5:30 pm

Gearing recoemneded is front ring 52/38 & rear sprocket 11/23.
The course is not too hilly but the winds can make hills much tougher. Using an easier gear can help you keep cooler by not producing as much heat.
Look for shade if you need to change a puncture.

RUN 42.2k
The run is 3 laps most flat but very hot can be 34 degrees at the hottest part of the day

Marino Vanhoenacker 8:17:32

South Africa ironman results 2009.

1.       Marino Vanhoenacker (BEL) 08:17:32 COURSE RECORD
2.       Michael Gohner (   GER) 08:32:01
3.       Petr Vabrousek     (CZE) 08:36:07
4.       Stephen Bayliss    (GBR) 08:47:26
5.       Andreas Venhorst (GER) 08:51:52

1.       Lucie Zelenkova   (CZE) 09:16:32 – COURSE RECORD
2.       Sonja Tajsich       (GER) 09:27:59
3.       Rachel Joyce       (GBR) 09:37:00

Past course record holders Stephen Bayliss 8:18:23 & Natascha Badman 9:22:01

South Africa accommodation used by Ironman triathletes.
Hotels used by past South Africa Ironman competitors include

The Courtyard
An Ironman favourite hotel and the Professioanl ironmen stayed there in 2009.
Hotel Protea Hotel Marine only 5 minutes walk to transition ara and on the bike course.
Considered ironman friendly

If you do book ask for a garden room which means you are on the ground floor and you can sit outside easily and even watch the race from your terrace 


Road Lodge (cheapest)

Radisson and the only building to offer shade on the course

The Courtyard hotel Port Elizabeth – reception e amil

After the ironman consider a one day safari and a visit to Cape Town.

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