The Complete Book of Triathlon Training

This book will tell you how to be the best that you can be in triathlon - not necessarily by training harder, but by training smarter.

The new and improved edition of "The Complete Book of Triathlon Training" is for all athletes who want to improve in or convert to the fascinating sport of triathlon.

10,000 copies already sold! Many of the best triathletes in the world have got a copy. See who already owns this book.

This book tells you everything you need to know about triathlon, whether you be a sporting novice or an elite athlete in another sport. It tells you how to get started - how to construct a training program, what equipment to buy, the diet you will need, how to device a training routine and how to arrange your busy life in order to accommodate it - and then explains how to finish a race, as well as how to recover from it.


Hi Mark,
I just finished your book (actually in my 2nd reading already) - nice practical advice form someone who has been there and done it!
I had concerns about what I needed to do making me wonder whether I am being too ambitious with my goals this year to complete a middle distance triathlon on July 21 in Wales. With the books help I feel much more confident and know know what to do. - AG

I just finished your book , before I read it I did not know where to start what to do or how to fit training into my busy life.
I know have a much better understanding of what to do, thanks alot, it really is the what it says 'the complete book of triathlon'. - GJ

Dear Mark,
I have a huge collection of sporting books. I found your book to be the best, clear easy to read very well laid out & great quality of pictures.
I will cherish my signed copy - you must be so proud. - AC

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