Reverse Running Info

Reverse running
London backward running championships.

London & UK Championships
Also known as retro running or reverse running
Reverse running or also known as gninnuR esreveR

Date 17th July 2011.
Crystal Palace London

Men's 1km minimum age 16 (1 lap)
Maximum number of competitors 100 for this event
Start 10am

Women’s 1km (1 lap)
Maximum number of competitors 100 for these events
Start 10am

Men’s & Women 3km (3 laps)
Minimum age 16 maximum number of competitors is 50 for this event.

1km backwards fun run/walk
Maximum number of fun event athletes is 250 for this event.

Entry fee for all of the above events
Cost £15.00
Wear your race number on your back
Closing date 31st May 2011.

UK backward running championships Heatan Park Manchester
Sunday 14th August 2011

See where you have been not where you are going.
Harder than it looks! Don’t knock it till you have tried it.
Practise it first before race day.
Expect to take up to 2 minutes per mile longer running backwards than running forwards
“See your competition behind you”
“You do not need eyes at the back of your head”
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