Race Day Triathlons Tips For Beginners

Race day triathlons tips for beginners

1. Use my triathlon check list. Pack your kit the morning before so if you find you need something you have time. Click on link below for my tri check list to avoid forgetting anything.
2. Try nothing new
3. Do not compete in the triathlon without socks if you have never tried it many times in training even if you never get blisters.
4. Arrive at least 90 minutes before your start time, expect delays parking.
5. If you park more than 5 minutes away from registration go with all your kit otherwise if you walk to registration then back to your car then walk back with bike and all your kit, the 2 round trips will take 20 minutes and may result in you not having enough time to get ready.
6. Arriving Early can also lower your stress levels which allows you to perform better by allowing you to compete more at your threshold.
7. Thinks about a race plan when to drink on the bike which easy gear will I use in at the start and end of the bike section. What pace will I start swimming cycling and running.
8. You need to have finished race day breakfast 3 hours before your race being nervous can delay digestion and you want to have an empty stomach when you start.

Race week
Aim for a few quick short efforts 10-30 seconds in each sport but not at 100%. Enough to get you ready for race day.
Complete 2 back to back continuous sessions.
Swim to bike or Swim to run and bike to run.
Make sure both are done no later than 3 days before triathlon day.
(If race day is Sunday complete swim to bike no later than Thursday to allow you to adapt in time)
Transition training
T1- Practise swim to bike (cycle or run shoes on bike helmet on)
T2 – Practise cycle helmet off cycle shoes off run shoes on with a 10m run
Make things automatic. Keep doing the above until it feels really natural.
Think about what you are doing, make the movements simple automatic, can you make it quicker with less effort when you practise

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