Post workout foods and drinks to speed up recovery

Post workout foods and drinks 
FOODS to speed up recovery 
Beans on Toast - 200g baked beans (Half 415g can) = 160 calories 9.2 grams of protein 2 slices of bread 100x 2 = 200 calories total calories 400 
2 eggs (scrambled hard boiled or omelette) contains 20 grams of protein 
Tuna sandwich 
Salmon and cream cheese baguette 
Jacket Potato and cheese or baked beans or Tuna 
Pitta bread & humus or 
Avocado 100g & salad = 160 calories 
Milk and cereal 
Apple & Cheese 
Cottage cheese on Rice Cake 
Banana = 80-100 calories depending on size 
Handful of trail mix (Dried fruit dried banana nuts etc.) 
Protein or Energy bar containing protein (200 calories) 
DRINKS to speed up recovery 
Sports drink 6% 750ml isotonic = 180 calories 
Energy Gel 90>200 calories (Check manufacturers calorie count) 
Half a pint of milk 
Milky drink (Cappuccino) 
Protein drink 
Home made whey protein drink 
Long Life flavoured milk