Open water Swim Coaching

Open Water swim coaching 
(Private lake in Buckinghamshire - No Weeds No Fisherman No Boats Just Coaching May to September)
Learn to swim with confidence Just you and me open water no one else.
Once I overcome my fear of water & learnt to swim I have been swimming in open water since 1982
I have successfully helped all ages from 18 to 76 years of age all abilities overcome the fear of open water swim in a 
straight line.or go faster or further.
Whatever your requirements are?
Over coming your fear of swimming in open water to swim on holiday
Complete an open water swim event
Enjoy swimming in open water
Compete in a triathlon
Swim the English Channel
Swim the length of the British Isles I have coached and mentored 
Learn how to overcome the many different open water swim conditions
Contact me to arrange your open water swim requirements and coaching session.