Olympic Mind Quiz Teaser

Olympic mind quiz teaser

Questions at top of page & answers at the bottom. Print on seperate sheet for an easy brain teaser quiz.

10 minute Olympic brain quiz.

1 - How many different countries have won the Olympic medals table since 1896 to 2008?
(a) 6
(b) 7
(c) 8
(d) 11

2 – Johnny Weissmuller won 5 gold medals in 1924 & 1928 fro swimming.
He became an actor was his film name?
(a) John Travolta
(b) John Wayne
(c) Tarzan

3 Which Olympic Games and which year was held at altitude

4. The winning time for the men’s Olympic marathon (42.2km) in Beijing was 2:06 32 by Samuel Wanjiru from Kenya in a new Olympic record.
How much quicker was he than Spiridon Louis from Greece who won the first Olympic marathon (40,000m) in 1896?
(a) 22:28
(B) 32:28
(b) 42:28
(C) 52:28

5 .The following abbreviation means what when used at the Olympic games
w (lower case w)
1 point for each answer

6. There are 2 possible British national anthems one is
“God Save the Queen” what is the other one called?

7. When was the first Olympics held?
(a) 747 BC
(b) 776 BC
(c) 796 BC
(d) 806 BC

8. So no professional athletes only amateurs competed at the Games in St Louis in 1904, rules were made to only make amateurs be entitled to compete.
Which one is false
(a) The athlete should have never accepted money.
(b) Never competed under a false name.
(c) Never competed against a professional.
(d) Could sell or pawn prizes won for money

9. What year did the Soviet Union first enter the Olympic Games.

10. In the Paris 1900 Olympic Games did more athletes or spectators attend the games.

11 – Johnny Weissmuller in 1959 was playing celebrity golf in Cuba when rebels tired to kidnap him.
Did he avoid being kidnapped by banging his chest and let out a yell.
(a) True
(b) False

12. First games held in the southern hemisphere was held in

13. What was the first Latin America country to hold the Olympic Games was

14. Which were the first Olympic Games to be televised?
(a) Berlin 1936
(b) London 1948
(c) Helsinki 1952

15. In the 1932 Los Angeles Olympics Games what did Mildred Ella Didrikson achieve?
(a) Gold 80m hurdles 100m dash & silver in 200m
(b) Javelin gold medal, 80m hurdles gold medal & silver in the high Jump
(c) Gold shot put, silver Javelin & bronze discus

1 – = answer 6 countries
1896 USA
1900 USA
1904 USA
1908 GBR
1912 USA
1920 USA
1924 USA
1928 USA
1932 USA
1936 GER
1948 USA
1952 USA
1956 SOV
1960 SOV
1964 USA
1968 USA
1972 SOV
1976 SOV
1980 SOV
1984 USA
1988 SOV
1992 SOV
1996 USA
2000 USA
2004 USA
2008 CHINA

2 - = c Tarzan
3 - = Mexico City 1968
4 - = 58 mins: 28 seconds
5 - = DISC = Discuss throw
C: Number of competitors entered
H  Hurdles
w Lower case w means wind-aided capital W means Won
(1 point for each answer)
6. God save the King
7. The first Olympics Games were held in exactly 776 BC.
8. Amateur athletes who had sold or pawn prizes were not allowed to compete in the Olympic Games.
9. Soviet first competed in Helsinki in 1952
10. More athletes attended the games in Paris than spectators
11 - = True
12. First games held in the southern hemisphere was Melbourne Australia in 1956
13. Mexico city was the first Latin American country to hold the Olympic Games
14. = a Berlin 1936
15.= b  Mildred Ella Didrikson achieved Javelin gold medal, 80m hurdles gold medal & silver in the high Jump.


18> 15 points  =Gold medal brain performance

14> 10 points = Silver medal brain performance

9> 5 points = Bronze medal brain performance

Less than 5 points failed to finish

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