Olympic Blues?

Post Olympic Blues & life after the Olympics?

What is it and does it really exist?

Post Olympic Depression comprises of
Empty feeling,
Low moods

How do you keep motivated after you have competed in the Olympics?
Post Blues are not the same but see example I have had published.

If you are an Olympian or an Elite athlete and are now considering what next I can help you?

Have you asked yourself the following questions if so I can provide you useful informatin?

The Flame has gone out at the Stadium if the athlete wants to keep going for another 4 years how do they keep going?

To win in 4 years time you must realise that all sports move on & you have to progress to be successful.

You are judged on the result not your performance.

You may not have achieved your fastest time but still won, the heats are often faster than final events.

Shall I continue training for the next Olympics, will your worse performance in 4 years time be better than anyone else?

Lucky if you can find something to feel the gap after training for the Olympics?
(I can give you advice on what to do)

“Olympian to civilian”
(Life after retiring form sport)

De training
(The tried and tested way to gradually ease back rather than stop completely)

Life after being a full time athlete?
(What you enjoyed can help you into life long career with similar fixes)

Olympians can be the most insecure people
(Help and advice provided)

Something about an Olympian is insecure

Always try to please somebody or selfish or 100% committed?
(Life has to change but still the same)

Get past emotional reactions after you give up sport at the highest level.

4 years is a long way to decide often 3 years is enough to achieve greatness

New skills have to be learnt if going into media?

Post Olympic Stress Disorder?

Large dream comes to fruition how do now approach normal life afterwards?
(Life Techniques)

Sense of hopelessness?
(What now I can discuss this is in more detail?)

Olympic Gold high stays with you longer but the low’s can be equally tougher.

Coming home the highs start again then they will still disappear with lots of low moments.

Invitation to parties soon stop

Winning a gold medal longer media hype afterwards only so much you can do.

How am I going to pay the bills?

Never be like the Olympics again you may not be able to be good enough next time

Set daily weekly monthly yearly 3 year goals committing to life just like you did in sport

Selfish now time to give back Re: learn being 100% motivated

Need a Post Olympic strategy contact me?

Society only ever appears to support the winners for a short period of time,
Society never appears to consider those that did not conquer.

To train is now your new job.

Have a family?

Be normal, whatever that is?

Use motivation you have and use it for a new venture.

Control the controllable

Having Problems contact me in strictest confidence?

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I have extensive knowledge in helping athletes overcome this often misunderstood occurrence that is more common and not often discussed.

Post Blues are not the same but see example I have had published.