New York Ironman Has Been Discontinued

The World Triathlon Corporation (WTC) announced that the Aquadraat Sports New York Ironman has been ‘discontinued’.
Reasons for the cancelation include
Price of the event, logistics with 2 transitions, ferry issues spectators unable to watch the swim bike and get to the run and limited viewing to watch loved ones cross the finish line.
Locals complained about the announcer’s loud PA system after 10 PM in the Riverside Park and adjacent areas. No PA public announcement system is allowed at Riverside Park area after 10pm
The fee was $895 in 2012 and the New York Ironman organizers had plan the highest fee ever of $1,200

Problems with the New York Inaugural Ironman
To get to the race start involved a 4 AM ferry

Too many pedestrians on the Ironman marathon course

The death of Andy Naylor a father of 3 and member of the Hong Kong Police Force during the swim.

For many it was a once in a life time experience that sadly the New York Ironman with different transition finish areas was able to achieve.
The 2012 New York IronMan was in question just 3 days before the inaugural IronMan because 3.4 million gallons of chlorinated raw sewage leaked into the River just 3 days before ether Ironman. Health officals checked the river and gave it the all clear for the 1st and now only New York Ironman to take place
It was also the US championships so only time will tell what other Ironman will take this role.

Hosting an Ironman is a mammoth task without tying to hold it in a city like the Big Apple

The WTC considered the views of the competitor’s spectator’s partner’s volunteers (4,000) and the impact on the community before deciding to cancel future Ironman events in New York
Comments from the” World Triathlon Corporation (WTC) official statement. “Producing an event in a large urban market is complex and challenging.”

Complaints about the higher price, an increase of more than 34% for the 2013 event did not help with an event that had major problems in its first year.

The New York Olympic distance triathlon (Swim 1500m Cycle 40km Run 10km) will still continue in 2013 as planned on 14th July 2013.
World Triathlon didn’t cite the price increase among the feedback it received before deciding to cancel the event.