My Life & Death

My Life & Death


Who does it affect?
The person who dies
Loved ones who I leave behind.

Who does it affect?
To my friends family and loved ones
I am sorry I departed this earth before you.
And people I never knew

Who does it affect?
People I will never met
People who I once knew

Who does it affect?
My life on the earth stops

Who does it affect?
One thing for sure is up ahead
That one day we will all be dead

Life is Fast
Life is Short

Do not feel cheated
Because I was defeated
See you on the other side
I will be ready to go for a ride

Memories of me will one day be forgotten
It’s natural to show your sorrow
Because I no longer cast a shadow

Who does it affect?
Please do not show grief
In my sudden death and disbelief
Because my life was so brief
If you met me
Just make a sigh of relief

I am no longer in a body
But my soul lives forever.
One day we will be reunited together.

For every man that dies a girl is born
For every woman that dies a boy is born

The human existence needs to keep up the fight
Of the earths every growing problem plight

I did my best
I know you will to

Hold hands and comfort others today
I am not very far away

Till we meet again.

IronMate Mark Kleanthous

Who took an IronMate key ring to God