Motogp Fitness - 25+ attributes required to win a Moto GP

Moto GP fitness
What is it?
A Moto GP rider needs to have the following physiology:
25+ attributes of a MotoGP rider 
Lightening reflex reaction:
Hand eye coordination:
Thinking clearing under pressure:
Nerves of steel:
Speed  Endurance & Core Fitness:
Agility: flexibility, durability, power & strength which will all be used during each lap of a race:
The race start requires the reaction of a 100m sprinter:
Mental concentration of a down-hill skier with the forward thinking of a chess player as the rider contemplate the moves ahead at speed:
Courage & nerve of a rock climber:
Technical mastery & mental accuracy of fencing:
Confidence of high diver:
Balance of a ballerina:
Reflex actions of a boxer are required as you need to learn how to quickly get straight back on the bike when you can get kicked off like a bronco rider, as well as the ability of a judo athlete being able to relax & roll during a crash at 160 kmph:
The power of a light weight lifter with the power to weight ratio of a jockey:
Eye sight good enough to return a tennis ball back at 200 kmph:
The finish requires the stamina of an endurance marathon runner:
It's easy to see that by improving 10 different factors each by just 0.1% will improve performance by 1%.:
In Moto GP a winning margin of 0.5 (half a second) is just 0.02% quicker!
Mark Kleanthous has been coaching and mentoring Bradley Smith since 2008 
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