Mark - Tv & Press

Mark on the TV and in the press

• Without Prejudice - Contestant March 2004.
• BBC local news - January 2004-03-25 reporting about the lack of training facilities in Leighton Buzzard.
• The Best of BBC Christmas TV on the BBC Christmas Christmas eve 2003
• Peoples Book of Records (Channel 4 Feb 2003)
• Race like a greyhound on all fours Walthamstow dog track. Finished Third.
• Friday feature Central TV British Record Holder Double Ironman Record Holder (1993)
• Christmas day show Run to the top of the Telecom Tower finished 3rd. (1985)
• Central TV - Coverage on Mark competing in the Hawaii Ironman Triathlon 1987 5-minute slot on Mark
• Radio One breakfast show competition live radio competition on 5 consecutive days (1988)
• BBC Three Counties Radio- Talking about diet and nutrition and training for the Ironman Triathlon (1998)
National Newspapers
• National Independent. (1995)
• Half page feature on Mark attempting the Triple Ironman Triathlon with colour photo.
• In the UK Runners World Magazine (1994) colour photo
• Three page feature on mark after the Double Ironman Triathlon
• Bicycle Action (1984)
• Half page Photo of Mark racing in The London Triathlon.
• Marathon & Distance Runner (March 1986) - half page feature
• Endurance magazine Front page Mark finishing third in the first London Triathlon 1984
• Hundreds of articles in regional and local newspapers copies available.
Mark has also been mentioned in the books, Swim, Bike, and Run by Alex Hunter and The Road to Deca by Bob Brown.