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February 2011 

The 6,000 seat London 2012 velodrome for London Olympics & Paralympics will open on Tuesday 22nd February 2011.
Victoria Pendleton Chris Hoy & Jason Kenny have home advantage by testing out the track.
|It is the first part of the Olympics to be completed.
Olympia Velodrome Trivia –
It took 26 carpenters 8 weeks to build the Siberian pine track with more than 350.nails.
It used up 56km of timber.
The budget for the indoor track &BMX events should be under the budget of £93m
Scotland’s 34 year Sir Chris Hoy won 3 gold medals in the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games and gave ideas to the designers to make it the fastest track in the world.
It has improved track geometry and environmental conditions including correct temperature to make world records fall in London in August 2012.
It will have a café bike hire and cycle workshop & to continue the Olympic will be used by the elite & organised groups to train & race.
In 2008 Britain cycling gained a third of the total GB medals.
GB medals in 2008
Gold 19 Silver13 Bronze 15 Total 47 for the 2008 games medals
It may be hard to better the cycling medal tally due to the new rule of only one rider per country to compete in the 210 track events.

Future of the London 2012 Olympic stadium
London Olympic stadium debate

Lord Seb Coe chairman of the London 2012.
Commented on Radio 5 with Gary Richardson on Sunday 23rd January 2011.
Lord Coe regarding the future of the Olympic stadium after the Games in 2012.

Gary Richardson asked Seb Coe….
When plans were drawn up for the Olympic stadium was there ever a thought that football could have been played in it?

Seb Coe said…
“No the bid was very clear and unambiguous this was a community facility multi-sports track & field in that facility not uniquely I don’t think anybody ever thought that track and field would be in there uniquely but a combination of athletic community & multi-sport and we were very clear about that”

“Moral obligation to make it work after the Olympics!”

The people from athletics and East London believe to make it a premier football club is wrong.
“Its an act of betrayal, a legacy true to the promises made to the IOC if it becomes solely a football stadium”

“It was built on the back of the promise to continue the athletic Olympic legacy”

“There was an obligation not to pull down the stadium and make it a purpose built football stadium”

It was going to be a community multisport facility for the east London.
The decision of the future of the London Olympic games stadium will be announced later today – West Ham will honour the Olympic games legacy promise, while Tottenham Hotspurs football club want to pull it down after the games has finished.

Before the east London stadium has even been finished for the 2012 Olympic Games the Legacy that the London Olympic committee gave to improve the poor east London community with a sports centre is in doubt.

Seb Coe said this morning if he had the deciding vote he would choose West Ham football club instead of Tottenham Hotspur football club.
West Hams bid to use the stadium after London 2012 meets the criteria to continue with a mixed stadium for all sports.
This was because Tottenham Hotspurs will only use it ONLY as a football ground removes the athletic track & increase the number of seats and as a token gesture give support to Crystal Palace athletic stadium to improve their athletic facilities.

Pros & Cons of each club using the Olympic stadium.
Tottenham Hotspur football club offer financial support for the next 10-15 years. Their bid is against the bid.
Seb Coe would vote for the West Ham bid because it meets his Olympic legacy more than Tottenham Hotspurs
West ham football club will keep the track with 50-60,000 seats & maintain the Olympic Legacy.

The London 2012 Olympic bid was gained as part of young people using the stadium and having a dream of competing in future Olympics.

January 2011

November 2010
Olympic marathon route has yet to be agreed with two options the East of London or central London being considered.
The official base for the German Olympic team will be at the Museum of London Docklands.

West Ham and Tottenham Hotspur both want to take over the athletic stadium however Tottenham Hotspur dont waant to use it also as an athlletic stadium.

Games makers needed for London Olympic Games for 2012.

8am on Wednesday 15th September 2010 applications will open to the general public for volunteers for the London Olympic Games.
Volunteers roles will include athlete escorts (from changing rooms to track side) radio operators everything to help make the London games the best ever.
On line entries close at midnight on 27th October 2010.

To apply go to the offical London 2012 web site

27th July 2010

Two Years to go from 27th July 2010 or 103 Mondays, before the London Olympics stsarts on 27th July 2012

20th May 2012
The two London 2012 mascots have been launched today by the London organising committee of the Olympic Games by LOCOG’s chairman Lord Sebastian Coe.
Called Wenlock & Mandeville for he Olympic and Paralympics sport. They are designed to have a world wide global appeal. The two mascots were made from drops of steel from the girders of the steel framework used in the Olympic stadium.
The two London 2012 mascots got their names because?

Much Wenlock (Shropshire) first held the Olympian Games back in 1850 founded by Dr William Penny Brookes.
Back in the 19th century Baron Piere de Coubertin watched the Much Wenlock games which were based on the ancient Greek Olympic Games and this gave him the passion to form the modern Olympic movement that we know today. The Much Wenlock games are still held. They have been held since 1850 and will celebrate their 124th games in July 2010.
Stoke Mandeville (Buckinghamshire) was the birthplace of the paralympic games.
In 1948 on the same day as the Olympic Games ceremony held in London sir Ludwig Guttmann held a competition in Stoke Mandeville for the world war 11 solders with spinal injuries. The Guttmann sports centre in Aylesbury Buckinghamshire still has memorabilia today to recognise this special day. Now known as the paralympic games.

So that’s why each London 2012 mascot got its name?

The modern Olympic Games first started in 1896.
The Olympics have been using a mascot since the summer Olympics held in Munich in 1972.

To see what they are up to now click on the official London 2012 web site

More than one million people have registered for tickets for the London tickets for the Olympic and Paralympics tickets for London 2012
According to the news letter 96% were from the United Kingdom with an amazing 32% lived in Greater London

21st March 2010 

London 2012 –Register for tickets today

To register your interest for tickets for the next Olympic Games and Paralympics Games to be held in London 2012 Olympics click on the link below

For information about tickets and the latest news sign up now and be one of the first to hear what is available.

Tickets are planned to go on sale in 2011.

The organising committee for the London 2012 Olympic & Paralympics games is a limited company registered at the following address

1 Churchill Place
Canary Wharf
E14 5LN
Company registered number 05267819
London Olympic News

London Olympics 2012

1st November 2009

1,000 days to go before the opening ceremony of the London 2012 olympic games

September 2009

Looking to rent your accommodation in London for the Olympics, contact us and we will advertise your details

July 2009

July 2009 less than 3 years to go for start of the London Olympics
Friday 27th July 2012 will see the opening of the Olympic Games in London and will close on 12th August 2012
The Paralympics Games start on the 29th August and finish on 9th September 2012
6th July 2005
London is to hold the Olympics in 2012

Jacques Rogge president of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) announced in Singapore that the host city for 2012 Olympic games and Paralympics Games was London. The IOC evaluation commission was impressed with the high quality of the London bid to host the Olympics including the Legacy the games would leave in London and the involvement with athletes who had influenced the Olympic village and venue for the athletes.

London Olympic dates – 27th July -12th August 2012
London Paralympics dates 29th August -9th September 2012
Approximately 7 million tickets will be available for the Olympic Games and 1.5 million for the Paralympics games

Lord Sebastian Coe is the chair of the 2012 organizing committee (LOCOG) and he led the bid for London to hold the games.
Sebastian Coe has won two gold and two silver Olympic medals on the track.
He has a budget of just over £2 billion. This has been raised privately and does not come from taxpayers or the National lottery.
January 2006
LOCOG move to new offices at One Churchill Place, Canary Wharf, and London, E14 5LN.

Tickets will go on sale in 2011 and up to the start of every event.
Each ticket will include Free travel on public transport for the day of the event.

Many events are FREE to watch including the marathon, road cycling and triathlon as competitors will compete on the streets of London.

Budget for London 2012 £2 billion
Olympic Park Stratford has 9 separate railway lines and the 10th train line is the Channel Tunnel Rail Link (CTRL). During the Games 240,000 passengers an hour. A train can arrive at the Olympic Park every 15 seconds.

London won the bid in Singapore in 2005

September 2006
“On Your mark’s” was launched by double Olympic medallist and now education ambassador Daley Thompson. The programme is designed to improve the knowledge of children abut the Olympic & Paralympics games and get them involved in health & fitness.

The Olympic delivery authority (ODA) is dedicated and responsible for all the planning of the Olympic site and is completed on time. Lorraine Baldry if the Chairman of the ODA

May 2008
Boris Johnson from the conservative party is elected major of London bating Ken Livingstone by almost 140,000 votes. Boris achieved 53% of the votes
 and now controls a budget of £1.1bn for transport. And planning for a four year term that will end 2 months before the 2012 Olympic Games open!

16th October 2008.
The 12 floats that carried the British Olympic medallists during the victory parade all failed to pay the £8 congestion charge so all have received a £120 fine each for not paying.
November 2008
Media Olympic centre
Private developers Igloo who were to part fund the original media site pull out.
Moving the media centre that will house 10,000 print journalists to the west fields Stratford could save £100 million pounds!

East London Hackney Mayor John Pipe said moving the media centre would be a betrayal of the London Olympic legacy. The area to be used according to John Pipe is one of the most deprived areas in the UK.

Boris Johnson Mayor of London in jets £750,000 into tourism to help attract tourists and business people to London.

The official web site for the London Olympic Games in 2012 is

London Olympics Quiz
(1) In Beijing how many days did the Olympics last

(2)  Team GB won 47 medals in the Beijing Olympics
(a) How many Gold? (b) How many silver (c) How many Bronze?

(3) In Beijing Olympics how many events were there?

(4) One Billion People live in India. How many gold medals did India win in Beijing 2008?

(5) How many gold medals have Iceland won in the summer or winter?

(6) How many medals did Ireland win in Beijing?

(7) If David Beckham (footballer) had a choice of any Olympic event which one would he have chosen?

(8) How many helpers were involved in the Beijing Olympics to the nearest 20,000?

(9) Three flags were used at the closing ceremony at the Baying Olympics what were the?

(10) How many world records were broken at the Beijing Olympics?

(11) How many National Olympic committees are there?

(12)  Which flag was lowered at the end of the Olympic Games in Beijing?

(13) How many print journalist will be in London for the 2012 Olympics to the nearest 50?

(14) All 12 Float drivers who carried the Team GB Olympic medallists around London during the London victory parade were fined. Why were they fined?

(15) The British Paralympics athletes won how many medals in Beijing and where did they finish in their table?

(16) (a) The Olympic motto: ‘Citius Altius Fortius’ -What does this mean?
(b) The Paralympics motto is?

Easy teaser questions.
(17) What part of London will the games be held?
(a) North (b) South (c) East (d) West

London Olympic Answers
(1) 16 Days
(2) 19 Gold 13 Silver 15 Bronze
(3) 298 Events
(4) One
(5) None
(6) 3 medals
(7) 1500m middle distance running.
(8)  Estimated at one million.
(9) Olympic Flag Greek Flag and China Flag
(10) 38 World records
(11) 204 National Olympic committees
(12)  Olympic Flag
(13)  10,000
(14) The Lorries failed to each pay the congestion charge.
(15) 102 medals and finish 2nd overall.
(16) (a) Olympic motto: ‘Faster Higher Stronger’
(b) The Paralympics motto: ‘Spirit in Motion’

Easy teaser questions.
(17) What part of London will the games be held?
(c) East London


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