London Olympic Stadium Trivia

London 2012 Olympic Games Stadium Trivia, Facts & Figures 

London 2012 Olympic 80,000 seat stadium has opened ahead of schedule. (29th March 2011)
It took 1,000 working days and cost £486 million and £10 million under the budget of £496m.
The track has not been layed due to all the construction work that is required.
World class athlete & 4 times sliver medalist Frankie Fredericks & now IOC member layed the final piece of turf.
The stadium work started in May 2008 and has taken less than 3 years.

Olympic Stadium Trivia.
5,200 + people involved in the stadium project. (Workers etc)

90,000 = the size of the square meter infield area.

80,000 = number of  seats for the Olympic Games.

40,000 = number of acres that the stadium is situated in.

1,000 - number of working days to build the stadium in Stratford east London.

860 = meters of the stadium perimeter.

532 = number of individual flood lights

486 = cost in millions of the stadium was £486 million

240 = £240 million was the original un relaistic bid to build the stadium

230+ number of British business involved in the project

60 m = Height of the stands

34 = the number of months to build the stadium

14 = number of Towers in the Olympic stadium

5 = number of new bridges built to have access to the 2012 stadium 

3 = number of sides of the stadium are covered by water.

3 =number of days to lay all the turf

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