London 2012 Olympic Stadium Future

With less than 532 days to go before the start of the 2012 Games opening ceremony the Olympic Park Legacy Company (OPLC) have chosen West Ham football club based in east London as the preferred football club & tennant to use the Olympic stadium after the 2012 Games.
The vote was unanimous for West Ham Football Club.

West Ham bid was for £537m and was considered the best towards the Olympic legacy.

There were 2 bids, the other wasTottenham Hotspur FC. Now the decision has to be agreed by the government and the mayor of London some time next week.

Tottenham Hotspur wanted to knock the Olympic stadium down remove any sign that the Olympics had ever been there & build a purpose built football stadium.
As a token gesture they wanted to give funds to Crystal Palace athletic striatum which is in need for re-furbishment.
West Ham promise to leave the track where Olympic 2012 competitors compete un touched.

This is a great day to continue the London 2012 Olympic legacy.

Baroness Ford who is head of the Olympic Park Legacy Company (OPLC) said "This represents the very best legacy for the stadium & the community of east London"

Jeremy Hunt culture secretary & Eric Pickles believe that the West Ham bid is important for the future of the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park and why London 2012 got the bid because of the continued legacy after the Games.

The Government & Boris Johnson the Mayor of London will look at the OPLC suggestions & confirm they agree soon.

Boris tweeted "very significant step" to continue delivering the Olympic legacy.

It is estimated it will cost £95 to convert it form an 80,000 seat stadium to a 60,000 seat venue for athletics cricket & football

£35m of this cost will come form the Olympic delivery committee and a £40m loan from Newham Council.

It’s a great day fro Great Britain who will now not lose faith with the IOC because they will continue the Olympic (dream) legacy.

For more information log onto the offical London 2012 Olympic web site