London 2012 Olympic Quiz

London Olympics Quiz
(1) In Beijing how many days did the Olympics last

(2)  Team GB won 47 medals in the Beijing Olympics

(a) How many Gold? (b) How many silver (c) How many Bronze?

(3) In Beijing Olympics how many events were there?

(4) One Billion People live in India. How many gold medals did India win in Beijing 2008?

(5) How many gold medals have Iceland won in the summer or winter games?

(6) How many medals did Ireland win in Beijing?

(7) If David Beckham (footballer) had a choice of any Olympic event which one would he have chosen?

(8) How many helpers were involved in the Beijing Olympics to the nearest 20,000?

(9) Three flags were used at the closing ceremony at the Baying Olympics what were the?

(10) How many world records were broken at the Beijing Olympics?

(11) How many National Olympic committees are there?

(12)  Which flag was lowered at the end of the Olympic Games in Beijing?

(13) How many print journalist will be in London for the 2012 Olympics to the nearest 50?

(14) All 12 Float drivers who carried the Team GB Olympic medalists around London during the London victory parade were fined. Why were they fined?

(15) The British Paralympics athletes won how many medals in Beijing and where did they finish in their table?

(16) (a) The Olympic motto: ‘Citius Altius Fortius’ -What does this mean?
(b) The Paralympics motto is?

Easy teaser questions.
(17) What part of London will the majority of the London 21012 Olympic games be held?
(a) North (b) South (c) East (d) West

(18) What is the name of the two London 2012 Olympic mascots called?

(19) Jamaican born Englishman Linford Christie was the oldest person to win gold in the 100m at any games. How old was he when he won gold in the 100m in Barcelona?
(a) 28
(b) 30
(c) 32
(d) 34

(20) The interlock rings, were first introduced 18 months after the armistice is signed
How many interlock rings are there?
(a) 5
(b) 6
(c) 3

(21) How many times has London hosted the Olympics including London 2012?

(22) What are the colours of the Olympic rings
One point for a correct colour lose one point for a wrong colour

(23) What is the total number of Olympic & Paralympics sports in London 2012?
(Add the number of Olympic & Paralympics together). Are there..
(a) 46
(b) 56
(c) 66

(24) London will host the Olympics in 2012 list the other years that London also held the Olympic Games.
If using this quiz for a school club or pub team quiz -Print off the questions on one page and keep answers safe in an envelope.

34 is the Maximum number of points for this quiz.
Score above 26 = Gold medal performance.
Score 18 to 25 = Silver medal performance.
Score below 18 Bronze performance.
One point for each correct answer apart from
Answer 2 = 3 points -Answers 15 = 2 points -Answer 16 is 2 points -Answer 18 = 2 points  -Answer 22 = 5 points -Answer 24 = 2 points.


London Olympic Quiz Answers
(1) 16 Days
(2) 19 Gold 13 Silver 15 Bronze
(3) 298 Events
(4) One
(5) None
(6) 3 medals
(7) 1500m middle distance running.
(8) Estimated at one million.
(9) Olympic Flag Greek Flag and China Flag
(10) 38 World records
(11) 204 National Olympic committees
(12) Olympic Flag
(13) 10,000
(14) The Lorries failed to each pay the congestion charge.
(15) 102 medals and finish 2nd overall.
(16) (a) Olympic motto: ‘Faster Higher Stronger’
(b) The Paralympics motto: ‘Spirit in Motion’
Easy teaser questions.
(17) What part of London will the main games be held?
(c) East London
(18) Wenlock and Mandeville
(19) Linford Christie was 32 years old
(20) There 5 Olympic rings
(21) 3 Times in 1908 – 1948 & 2012
(22) Blue Black Red Yellow Green
(23) There will be 26 Olympic and 20 Paralympics = 46 in total
(24) 1908 & 1948

By kind permission Olympic Quiz - "Test that grey matter"