London 2012 Games Vip Lanes

London 2012 Games lanes

There will be 108 miles of special lanes to allow athletes & VIP to get to the olympic venues on time.
£200 fine if a vehicle enters the Olympic Games VIP lane.
108 miles of the Olympic route network.
Even recovery cyclist & taxi drivers face a fine.
The offenders will be either captured on CCTV or council officers.
Refuse Lorries and royal mail vechicles are allowed (it was announced July 2010)
The idea is to help get athletes & VIP to venues on time. Most of the games lanes will work like bus lanes often the fast out side lane (UK right hand lane)
Games lanes will operate for June 29th 2012 until mid September 2012 to also include the Paralympics.
Games lanes ban will be from 6am till midnight each day.
A rapid response removal service will remove broken or abandoned cars and move them to the nearest location.
Approximately 12 million journeys are made each day by bus train and the tube.

It is estimated that there will be over 750,000 spectators each day during the London 2012 Games.

Exact route coming soon.

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