Lance Armstrong Competed In A Triathlon

Lance Armstrong pulls out of triathlon in NZ due to an injury.

Lance Armstrong to compete in a Triathlon.

39 year old 7 times Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong will compete in his first triathlon since becoming a professional cyclist.

He was once a formidable triathlete winning the USA national championships, I watched him race in St Croxi Half Ironman and fly up the "Beast" hill back in 1988!

Lance Armstrong will compete in a triathlon event in New Zealand after he finishes his competitive cycling career at January 2011.

His name is on the list of competitors for the well established triathlon Blue Lake Multisport Festival which is set for Jan. 29-30 in Rotorua in New Zealand's famed geothermal region in the central North Island.

What a way to celebrate the Triathlons 25th Anniversary.

Home of Scott Molina & Erin Baker past world Ironman Triathlon Champions.

The Blue Lake festival involves an Aquathon (5.5km forest run/800m lake swim) and 2km open water swim on Jan. 29 and a short-distance triathlon on Jan. 30 comprising a 750m lake swim, 16km road cycle and 5.5km forest run. , Pearson the triiathln organsier said "Armstrong will compete on both days"

If thats not ironman training I dont know what is?

Will Lance comepte in the Ironman only time and he will tell?

He was a top swimmer biker and runner before he became a pro cyclist and ran several marathons when he had a break from cycling before making his comeback at the Tour de France.

Female professional Triathelte Kiwi Sam Warriner Tweeted the world who feels she can “Chick Lance Armstrong”

Lets see in january 2011 who comes out on top?

Ironmate thinks he has got what it takes.

Triathlon Jargon
Triathlon Jargon word for a female who has beaten a male competitor is You Have been "Chick" or "Chick'd"

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