Kentucky Ironman Tips

Ironman Kentucky tips

Which wheels to use for the Ironman bike course?
Whether you are weak or strong on hills the Kentucky Ironman Bike course has only one major hill then many rolling sections with a few short sharp hills.

Suggest you have a 26 rear sprocket if planning taking longer than 6 hours and a 27 sprocket if 6: hours 30 minutes + rear just in case you have a head wind.
Having available an easy 26 or 27 will allow you to spin and avoid pushing and generating extra power which can cause extra heat.
Just because this Ironman bike course does not have long climbs don’t under estimate the fatigue that this rolling course will have on your legs.
Your decision should be on the weather forecast windy then go for light weight windless then go for aero.
The route takes you along open pastureland which can be exposed so wheel choice for light riders is critical.
My wheel choices
Most triathletes can ride with 1080 front & deep section 808 rear or titanium American Classic (approx 1200g) or Zip sub 9 (approx 1,700g) or SRAM S80’s.

The Kentucky Ironman marathon tip.
Keep the back of the neck cool by wearing a white cap with flap hanging from the back.