Kate Middleton Stays At The Goring Hotel The Night Before She Weds William.htm

William & Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton princess to be when she marries Prince William on Friday 29th April (British public holiday to celebrate the royal wedding) will spend her last night with her family at the 5 star Goring Hotel 15 Beeston Place Victoria London SW1 OJW.
She will stay there with sister Pipa and her mother Carole Middleton on Thursday night 29th April at the Goring before getting married on Friday.
See security pictures and special security gates placed at each end of Beeston Place.

In the future when Kate becomes queen she will reside literally across the road behind the brick wall of Buckingham Palace.
Pictures of the Goring Hotel where Kate Middleton is staying and security check out the link below.

The Goring hotel was managed for over 100 years by the same family from 1910 to 2010.
A full size statue of the first Goring is in the lobby of the hotel.

A great place for afternoon tea at £45 per person.
A relaxed yet professional tea service experience you will not forget.

Quintessentially English hotel with 71 bedrooms close to Victoria station.
A third of the rooms overlook the Goring private gardens, a hidden jewel in frenetic 24/7 London.

Kate Middleton Trivia

Kate Middleton will sleep on a special mattress which will be destroyed after she has used it.
She will be the only person to sleep on it.