Itu World Triathlon Championships London 2011 Results

ITU World championship series event 6th & 7th August 2011.
Dextro Energy London Triathlon

Men Triathlon in Hyde Park 7th August 2011.
Javier Gomez first out of the Olympic distance 1500m Serpentine lake swim in 18:06
Jon and Alistair Brownlee exit the swim in 6th & 7th position.

Within 5km into cycle New Zealand Elvery jumps away from cycle group then shortly followed was joined by Alistair Brownlee and Vasilev from Russia chased to try and join group
Lead group of 3 neogiated technical course passing by Buckingham Palace and under Wellington arch.
They were laping on the bike in wet conditions.
Lap 1 -8:43/ lap 2- 8:42/ lap 3-8:43 / lap 4 -8:34 lap 5- 8:38

They had built up 44 seconds gap with 2 cycle laps to go then increased this by a further 12 seconds with one lap to go 58 second lead on chase group including Brother Jonathan Brownlee.
Heavy rain fell in final 3km of cycle route making it difficult for the 40+ riders to safely close the gap.

Brother Jon Brownlee stayed at the front helping to let older brother stay away by countering any attack.

Final lap and time after the swim T1 and 40km bike for the lead three took them just 1:19:46.

All 3 took about 8 seconds in transition ahead of Ran from Spain who had joined them during the final stage of the cycle section, Ran left T2 about 5 seconds later. 

Chase group arrived 1 minute 13 seconds later.

Alistair Browlee takes the lead straight away in the run.

Race time 1hr :34mins

Alistair Brownlee lead the Russian Bryukhankov in 2nd place while Gomez and Jon Brownlee fight for the podium spot.

Brother Brownlee at the front of chase pack after leaving transition after the bike forcing the pace ahead

pulled away with of Gomez after 1 lap still 1 minute 19 seconds behind.

Accumulative time after Swim Bike (T1 & T2) Run laps 1:27:07

Adam Bowden in 27th position after first run lap.

4 lap run for Alistair.
Alistair Brownlee splits were (lap 1) 7:41 (lap 2)  7:24 (lap 3) 7:31 Lap 4 into funnel 7:45

Jonny Brownlee puts a burst of pace up the slight climb to hold onto a 5 second lead to the finish.

Final Lap Russian Bryukhankov was only 27 seconds behind Brownleee.

Alistair Brownlee race number 007 wins at the ITU Dextro London Triathlon on 7th August 2011 on the course of the London Olympic Games Triathlon 2012 in Hyde Park.
He wins $18,000 fro first place after running a sub 31 minute 10km including hi five many of the soaking wet spectators along the finish line.

Brother Jonny finsihed 2nd last year so has posium twice so this should be great news for Team GB for London Olympic Triathlon in 2012 being held on the same course. Last year Aiistair faded in final 600m to finish outs ide the top 12 after being in the lead.

1st Alistair 1:50:09
2nd Alexander Bryukhankov 1:50:34
3rd Jonathan Brownlee 1:51:05

Helen (Tucker) wins the female Triathlon on Saturday taking the lead early in the run.