Itu Elite Sprint World Triathlon Championships 2011 Result

ITU Elite Sprint World Triathlon Championships 2011 result

A fast and furious race from start to finish was held in Lausanne today.
Sunny warm conditions with hardly any wind meant the swim bike and run were very fast.
As expected the non wet suit swim was close first out only took 9 minutes 3 seconds a pack of 13 soon formed on the bike including the Brownlee brothers Javier Gomez.
Alistair looked to be working harder than normal on the hills not his usually smooth cycling action that we have seen in the past.

a few single riders tried to get away but both cycle groups stayed as 2 close groups for 17km of the 20km cycle section.

Both British Yorkshire Brownlees worked at the front to keep away from the rest of the elite group and built up a 23 second gap until 3km to go when both groups came back together.
Jonathan soon went to the lead in the run in the first 400m but Alistair seemed to get blocked and held up.

Gomez and Jonny Brownlee soon had a 10 second gap and worked hard to break each other first Gomez then Jonny then Gomez went with 1km to go.

Alistair Brownlee looked better at 4km into the run than he did at the start and pulled away fromt he rest of the field to colapse at the finish line in 3rd place overall.

Jonny Brownlee surged with 500m to go and even had time to celebrate in the finish funnel to win the world Sprint Triathlon title. In doing so Jonny recorded a scorching 14 minutes and 24 seconds and over 35 seconds than he ran the previous year to defend his senior sprint title.

Elite Men's race Lausanne 20th August 2011.
Sprint Triathlon world championships
1st Jonathan Brownlee 52:23
2nd Javier Gomez 52:27
3rd Alistair Brownlee 52:38

The current points system in the ITU after this race mean that Alistair Brownlee (GBR) is first his brother Jonathan is 2nd (GBR) and Javier Gomez is in 3rd position.
The final event in Beijing in September.
Current points going into final event
Position  Name    points
1s    Alistair Brownlee  3085
2nd  Jonathan Brownlee   2965
3rd   Javier Gomez    2858