Ironman St George Utah - Train To Race

Ironman St George information.

Ironman St George Utah (IMSG)
Experienced Ironman finishers claim Ironman St George to be the “Toughest Ironman in North America”
St George is in the southern west corner of Utah close to inter state 15.
Temperature climate for the Ironman up to 86 degrees but average low can drop to 53 degrees.
SWIM – Sand Hallow Reservoir
In the water swim start.
Temperatures for the race have varied from 55 to 64 degrees.
Don’t forget to wear a neoprene hat under official swim hat to reduce heat loss.
Practice lots of cold water swimming.
Visibility can be 10-15 feet in the swim.
Spectacular views of downtown St George Snow Canyon and Red Cliffs Desert.
Dry air can cause a sore throat
You reach 5,000 feet during the bike expect high heart rates due to the altitude and reduced oxygen available.
It’s often calm in the morning then the wind picks up to 20 mile per hour gusty head winds especially during descent from Snow Canyon into St George.
If no 50 mph winds which can be scary, if forecast Ok to use 60/90 front rear deep section rim combination. Wind can come from a different direction one day you can descend at 50 MPH and another day you may need to pedal hard down hill to reach 22 mph.
As the temperature rises the wind direction changes during the day.
Winds were up to 50 mph the day before the 2010 Ironman
For example the wind was in your face up the first hill and second time it was a tail wind.
Deceiving bike ride a good idea is to use a power meter.
Use a 39/27 to save your legs for the horrendous hilly Ironman marathon.
Know where the NO Pass (No Overtaking) Zones are to avoid a penalty
Cycling is stunning.

Dry air need to drink more than normal due to increased loss of fluid from respiration.

RUN – has been 2 laps –check web site for any changes.
Some parts are 8% so you may need to walk as the run is brutal.
Practice run walk off road to stimulate this hard run.
Some athletes lose their voice due to the dry air.
Don’t look t the times in your age group and think this is an easy Ironman to qualify because it a toughie!
More detail to follow form Ironmen and Iron women who have finished this event.
In past years there were aid stations every mile of the run.